Friday, January 28, 2011

Bits and pieces

Well, it's Friday evening.  Alyona is sick again & I can't figure out why.  Low fever.  Remember, she was sick w/ the flu the week before last.  Throat hurts, chest hurts, etc.  Came on VERY quickly.  Hoping it is just a 24 bug.  We truly want to get out and go hiking tomorrow.  Well, more like walking than hiking.  Since Bojan got his new leg this week & is adjusting, we really have to go on pavement this go around and that's perfectly fine.  It's supposed to be near 60F tomorrow.  Are any of you snowbound states jealous?  Just kidding.  Sunny and gorgeous is the forecast for tomorrow.  Hence, why we really want to go out in the morning, enjoy the great outdoors and then clean up the church later.  Come home for a movie that evening.  Now, if Alyona is sick tomorrow, plans will change.  We'll play it by ear. 

Irina has an appointment w/the ENT.  Discovered this evening her problem may be a bit more serious than we thought.  History:  She had a broken nose at some point while she was in the orphanage.  Never documented there of course but surgeon here said it was definitely broken in the past.  She had a deviated septum, massive sinus issues & some other stuff.  Irina had surgery here & came home that evening.  Despite us begging the surgeon to NOT give her pain meds, they did anyhow.  You see, Irina has major sensory integration issues.  Including not being able to feel pain like you or I can.  Last year she had a nail shoved through her knee that she only discovered that evening b/c it kept catching on the sheets.  Anyhow, after her surgery a few years back, she came home & her & Yana were dancing in their rooms.  You know, when they shared a room & got along!  Yana kicked Irina in the nose.  Surgeon said since she had the splints in it, it should be fine.  Years later, we're guessing something may have gone a miss.  Yes, she did indeed go to many post ops & follow-ups that appeared fine.  So maybe over the last year or so?  Don't know.  What we have now is a hole literally in her nose.  Shine a light in one side, you can see it clearly through the other.  A not so small hole. She goes February 8th.  Soonest I could get her seen.  Don't know how long she's had this b/c remember, her pain tolerance is different than ours.  Keep you posted on her.

Nik goes to audiology this coming week.  Should be fine.  Nik & Alyona go to the opthomologist this coming week too.  Nervous about that one.  Really hoping Alyona's vision is steady.  oh, and Nik lost his glasses this week & we can't find them.  Great.  Alyona can't see the board at school.  She sits in the front.  Her teacher hands her what is written on the board.  Teacher has also started to give her large print for the visually impaired.  You know, in the past I haven't thought much about Alyona's ONH.  I'm starting to more & more now.  We're going to have to get a plan in order for her of some sorts.  Ask doc this coming week a lot more questions and mainly for suggestions.  Her vision seems to be getting worse & we were told w/this disorder, usually there isn't much progression.  With each child home, we learn more and more.  Had I become a doctor, I could have been a world reknowned expert by now.  LOL.  My kids have experienced quite a bit of disorders.  learning even more as I go. 

Puppies get surgery next week.  Spay & neutering.  And removing an extra toe.  Both pups have extras on them.  These puppies are looking more and more like grown dogs each day.  We think Kota's paws have become "Clifford like."  His paws are HUGE.  They really are.  Others have commented on the size of his paws when they come in too.  Even the vet thinks he'll be off the charts.  You know, they can predict what size they'll be.  At first she said he's supposed to be 60 lbs. according to how they calculate at a certain age.  She then said there's now way.  She thinks at least 80 to 85 lbs.  Yep.  That's what Bear was...originally.  Bear ended up being 125 lbs.  That's a lot of dog.  And Kota LOVES being a lap dog.  I think it's high time to break that habit.  Both dogs are fantastic w/ all our kids & the "littles."  Love our pups!

If you haven't please read the post below.  It's imperative we get the word out about the towels. Enjoy your weekend.  And if you are not shoveling snow, do enjoy a great sunny day. 

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