Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adoption Report

I had received an email awhile back (told you I was catching up) about a new website someone was creating.  It is to help connect families that have adopted.  Share photos & things of various regions.  I know for a fact by sharing w/ others, some families have been connected to lost siblings and such.  That is what happened to us w/ Nik years back.  We discovered his bio brother's adoptive family here in the States.  It was a chance on a discussion board once.  Anyhow, the same concept is being done here:  thought some of you might be interested in checking it out.  I know it's just getting started.  Just wanted to share.  More to come later.  Been a long day.  But, I am really getting caught up on stuff.  It's an awesome feeling.  Going to get Max & Irina's certificates so that we can get their permits hopefully Friday.  Now that's scary.  Bojan gets his check socket tomorrow.  I have 4 "Littles" tomorrow but also have Irina & Max here to help.  They have exam week this week so neither go tomorrow.  Got to go.  dinner time. 

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