Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outdoor happenings

thought I'd share a few pictures from this previous week.  As you all know, our kids live to be outside.  They love it.  And, today's trip is evident of it.  More about that in the next post!  Anyhow, I took some pictures one day last week and thought I'd share.

Alyona is driving a car.  This is one thing she will not be allowed to do when she gets older.  She has optic nerve hyplasia(ONH) and some other eye issues as well.  Though she has two eyes, only one really works & it's not the greatest working eye in the world.  We haven't told her yet when she gets older that she won't be able to drive.  For now, letting her enjoy her "driving."  

Yana, smiling for the camera.  No shoes.  Typical in this family.  

Alex, getting ready to show us some tricks he's learned.  He got this scooter as a birthday present from his grandparents.  Think he's put it to good use.

Nik wanted me to take a picture of him making a silly face so here it is.

Traffic jam.  LOL.  Scooters and skateboards oh my.  

I know, the picture looks like the house is tipping over.  Oh well.  Nik loves this truck as well.  No idea why the towel is hanging up front when our pool i sin the backyard.  

Alyona helping push one of the "littles" up the hill for a ride down.  They all absolutely LOVE doing this.  My garden carts take a beating every single year.  These two really do enjoy playing w/ each other and play well together.  Let's me know Alyona will indeed make a wonderful sister to her two new younger sisters.  

Hope you enjoyed some pictures of the kids.  I love seeing them outside.  

Tonight has been a l-o-n-g night.  Really has.  Bojan fell in the shower.  URGHH.  Someone took the mat I had down out.  You know, the mat that is there so he doesn't slip w/ the one leg.  Cut his stump up so now can't put on his leg. Bad enough the socket is now too small.  Frustrating.  In addition to that, Yana poisoned herself.  See, this is another FAS/ FAE thing we have to live w/ not knowing cause and effect.  Yana sprayed the entire room w/ ant poison while we were gone getting Max's meds refilled.  So accidentally got it in her mouth & breathed it in.  In addition to that, she has sun poison from earlier today.  It's not ER necessary.  But, will be an unpleasant night for her I'm sure.  Kids are still having a tough time w/ the school transition.  This is to be expected.  Happens every year.  Aside from the fall and the poison incident today, it was a wonderful day.  Tell more later.  Need to go.  More to come later about Peacehaven...where we went today.  Great place and much to share.  For now, just need to rest.  church tomorrow and some errand running. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

A river runs through it....

through our back yard that is!  For those new, we have a few issues with our home.  One, is flooding in the backyard.  This is not just a little flooding when it rains folks.  We have a river.  We have natural springs in our yard and our neighbor's yard, which dumps into our yard due to us setting lower.  Our yard is literally eroding.  we are trying to figure out a solution for it all.  We took a movie of it.  Not sure if it will work but you can see just how quickly the water is going through our yard.  Ignore the kids arguing in the background.  This was taken from the upstairs boys' room.

This happens even with a little bit of rain.  Hurricane season is rough.

This is where it runs after it leaves our yard.  The hole it is dumping into is maybe 6 or 7' deep I'm guessing.  Not sure.  Big.  It is undercutting our yard so not stable to stand on.

Computer trouble so everything I just wrote was erased.  Hate that.

This is what our drop off is draining into.  A creek that runs along the whole subdivision and empties into the duck pond. Yes, it starts at our yard.  This looks more like a river than a creek.  A raging river.  It was probably above my waist.  normally, it is just about 2 inches or so deep.  

when you walk to the edge of our property and look through the woods, this is the waterfalls you see.  Beautiful actually and much, much better in person.  But, gives you an idea.  This too drains into the creek.

A close-up picture of the waterfalls.  They go right around a tree.  Click on the picture and you can see it a bit better. 

In the background, you can see the waterfalls dumping into the creek.  Hard to tell from the picture but this is some serious water here.  Quite an issue for us too as it's eroding our property.  We lose land every time it rains.  

This really is quite a large amount of water for a short rain storm.  It's reeking havoc on our yard.  Flooding the yard, eroding it away and doing other damage.  Pretty but not wanted around here.  Working on ways to figure out how to fix it.

Our water issues do not end here.  The roof is leaking.  Badly.  We will have to replace the roof.  No doubt about it.  We tried to patch it but it didn't hold.  Well, 2 of the 3 patches held but now there are other issues too.  The roof is nearly 20 years old.  Just timing sucks.  Dishwasher is leaking too but hopefully can be fixed.  Warren and Max are taking it apart this weekend.  Mean time, trying to find a roofer.  

So, for now, we do NOT like water.  LOL.  Some good news... that piece of paperwork seems to have been found!  Another reference letter needed but that should be completed this weekend.  (that is 6 letters of reference for this homestudy)  First homestudy done, we needed two.  Times have changed.  Thankfully, we actually do get out of the house and have friends.  LOL.  We have awesome friends.  We really do.  Anyhow, I have a feeling things should be moving along very soon.  Wahoo!!!  You have no idea what a bright spot that is after this long week.

More to come on some things.  Can't wait till tomorrow.  Will share pictures of where we went and a link to it.  For now, need to get some sleep.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Best news is no rain due here for at least a week. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More back to school pics

Found some and after such a long-winded post, we need some cute faces to be a bit more cheery.  So, here goes.

4th & 5th grader waiting.  They both look like their up to something.

Silly picture I know but to show you a few things.  And now,it's not our messy front porch to show.  Nik dressed himself. Notice the socks.  One is an ankle sock, the other is folded down quite a bit.  hey, they were both white so at least we got the same color this time.  He's grown a bunch this summer.  His bookbag is much smaller than he is now.  

Silly, I know.  But, shows a bit too.  shows that my little girl is still my girlie girl.  Shows that her bookbag is actually still as big as she is.  

I think she's ready for her new year.  This will never happen again...them being ready on time.  Seriously, it won't.  

Think he'll get class clown award this year?  Alex is trying to peek out behind him.  Our pool is in the backyard.  So why is the towel hanging out front?  No one could answer me.  Nik loves goofing around.  Always fun and full of life.

They are in school.   Some are already having a really hard time and it is only day 2.  The three teens are still begging to be homeschooled.  Working on what to do about it.  Hoping things turn around for them.  School should be a learning experience but fun as a child.  More to come tomorrow.  Much too busy to write during the day now.  Thankfully, a fast typer at night.  Have a great evening.

Nothing is impossible

I've seen this many times before but it is worth passing along again.  I truly believe there are no limitations set on anyone.  That has been proven time and time again here with all our kids.  No limits.  Lots of love.  When things seem impossible, they truly aren't.  I always tell the kids "nothing is impossible unless you are shampooing a porcupine."  They laugh and think about the whining a bit more.  We have been given quite a few roadblocks on this adoption journey.  But we still hold fast to the belief that nothing is impossible.  Nothing.  We are proving it step by step and will continue.  Same thing happened with Yana and Alex's adoption.  Roadblock after roadblock.  So, looking at a video that reminds people that there are ups & downs, is refreshing to watch.  Hope you enjoy it. 

Oh my, so much to say... catching you up on this rollercoaster

Oh my goodness I'm not even sure really where in the world to begin.  I've told you a little about school & will tell you more in another post.  Just know, still not good.  Going to be calling some IEP meetings.  Trying to explain to teachers that FAS kids are literal. Yes, even as teens.  I'd like to tell the brilliant one today a thing or two b/c I have to deal w/ the mess once the kids get home.  For whatever reason, some teacher told Max to take something out of the fridge, eat it and then NOT eat for a week.  URGHH!!!!  I'm sure the teacher was just making some point and not thinking that 14/ 15 yo's would take him literally.  Yet, he also I'm sure is unaware of my son's IEP though he should be.  So, another letter going out tomorrow requesting they explain thoroughly to Max afterwards if they do another literal example.  I've written notes and made calls everyday to various schools to get messes straightened out.  Irina is lashing out as she does not understand regular English or algebra.  She has been in self-contained most her life, they've thrown her under the bus by throwing her in a regular inclusion class.  Again, more on the school stuff later.

So, this is not the only on going issue right now.  School is just one minor thorn.  We have a few more.  As I mentioned previously, we have a teenage daughter.  Well, two actually.  At some point, they're going to get in trouble.  Now, when you adopt older children, you do so with an understanding that most will come with quite a bit of baggage.  Yana was no exception to this.  The 8.5 years that she spent before she was with us were raw and not the best.  We'll just put it that way.  Many, many bad habits were learned out of a survival mentality.  She had to do some things in order just to survive.  We have to retrain all those years of thinking.  Not an easy task.  Especially, for a child with RAD.  Well, we have made significant progress but as some of you know with RAD, it is 1 step forward, two steps back at times.  Yana had taken one of our digital cameras and possessed it as her own.  Not only that, she took it into a store w/ a friend to take pictures of what she liked.  (tacky shoes btw).  We've told all our children to never, ever take anything into a store with you except your purse.  For us, she has stolen from us.  She took the camera without asking.  She was also taking snapshots of herself which looked like Facebook type pictures.  Knowing she was sneaky at school last year and has 3 accounts(school let her do this, NOT us), we knew something was up w/ the pictures.  Nothing racey but nothing that should be anywhere anyhow.  Our kids are banned from the computer period.  They have proven over and over they can not handle it.  When they do prove they can handle it, we let them.  Bojan will be fine once he's in middle school.  Yana has disobeyed time and time again in regards to the computer.  In fact, I called up a neighbor where she was spending the night to let her know that Yana is indeed banned from the computer altogether.  She said oh, they're on it now, I'll tell them to shut it down.  Yana knew our rules full well & violated them.  What kills me is we were JUST talking about how well Yana was doing and what great progress she was making.  How her birthday is next month and what we were going to do.  Talking of how she was helping out more and more.  Now, trust is totally destroyed yet again.  Yes, she's grounded.  No,don't know for how long.  Disappointed is an understatement.  We have yet to tell her she blew it big time for the birthday present.  See, we do not give our kids an allowance.  However, when they do many things for a few months & behavior has been good, we take them shopping unbenonst to them.  Irina was thrilled a few months ago when we went w/ her to get an ipod.  Thrilled.  Max picked out a camera(video) when we took him.  Yana blew it by getting in serious, serious trouble back then.  Thought she learned her lesson but obviously we were wrong.  We had planned to take her to get an ipod this month as well for her birthday/ doing well.  Not any more.  It's just really ashame b/c I truly thought she had finally "gotten it."  That it had sank in.  It is extremely hard to trust a RADish.  Extremely hard.  Especially, when they keep betraying your trust.  Maybe this time it will be different. 

Let's see, what else besides school and Yana.  Oh, the roof.  The storms were in full force here.  Our roof leaks.  Badly.  This time, it was worse.  There is a new major leak in the living room now.  Drywall is starting to buckle a bit.  You can see it cracked and bubbled.  We had buckets lined up this week.  While I'm looking at the bucket, I'm looking on the floor in the kitchen by the dishwasher.  Seems a little too glisteny for my tastes.  LOL.  Yep, water.  Dishwasher is leaking.  Warren says he needs to pull it  out and re-balance it.  Feels that will do the trick.  Hope so. Now, the time for that task???  No telling.  So, searching for a roofer.  Still have window issues.  The roof has to be done.  Since that has to be done, the adoption fund raising will have to increase quite a bit.  We were hoping the roof patches would have held that we did this summer.  Just needed it to hold till the spring.  Not going to happen.  They say things happen in three's so I think we're finished with the bad stuff. 

Oh wait, the adoption front.  We are literally waiting on one piece of paper to have an approved homestudy.  Made all the contacts necessary,etc.  Found out today that this paper has already been sent to the homestudy agency weeks ago along w/ another letter.  That is a relief and yet scary at the same time.  Calling the agency tomorrow to ask them to look again through papers as maybe they were stuck together a few weeks ago.  Got to love it.  That adoption rollercoaster.  In the mean time, placing agency is beyond anxious to have dossier in hand which I totally understand.  Once homestudy is approved, dossier is complete and will be mailed off.  That step would be a huge, huge step forward in this process.  Yet, we're at a standstill until the piece of paper is figured out.  I thought it hadn't been written yet.  That was not the case.  Here, I've been worrying the whole time about the wrong thing.  Go figure.  However, we would love some prayers and/ or good thoughts sent our way.  For the paperwork situation to be resolved immediately and for the homestudy to be approved.  We are at some serious time constraints right now.  Will explain more in detail a bit later in the process.  For now, just know we are very anxious to get things done and the kids home.  this is our last adoption and it just feels like it's time to move forward. 

What else has happened?  Oh, we are going to look at a neat place this weekend.  I will share more a bit later this weekend of where we went  and what it is all about.   This is something Warren and I have wanted to do for years now and was actually a dream of ours to do.  All the kids are coming with us.  That's important.  It may mean a whole new way of life for us all.  Who knows.  Too early.  It's still not too far from Warren's work which is great.  I'll tell all about it on Sunday most likely.  We are excited that a place like this is coming around. 

I think I touched on a few points.  There is more.  Life is filled with ups and downs no matter if you  have 1 kid or 10 kids.  It is what it  You have to take the good with the bad.  Though the week's been rough transitioning all the kids back into school, the weekend is looking absolutely splendid.  Gorgeous weather and a nice day planned for Saturday.  Can hardly wait.  Church Sunday.  I'll try to post some leftover first day of school pics soon too so check back of my growing learners.  the first week of school for parents of children with FAS is typically one of the most challenging weeks of the school year.  Really is.  Anxiety has been triggered in some of my kids.  Meltdowns have abound a bit more than usual.  We deal w/ one thing at a time.  We know this is temporary as it happens every single year.  Doesn't make it easier but makes it manageable.  We have lots going on in the fall but am looking forward to it too.  Finally, laughter downstairs.  Progress.  Albeit slow, it's still progress.  FAS children take transitions a bit hard.  We have 6 of them to transition back to school and this process will take about 2 weeks.  It is hard for parents to go through this process as well.  Especially, since we do have a few other things happening.  (shoot, even totally forgot about the surgery scheduling I need to do for bojan).  I have been slacking on my workouts and regret it.  However, I have been very active w/ the tots I watch daily.  Also been weightlifting and stretching daily.  But, miss my cardio workout.  My neighbor and I have vowed to get back to walking starting Monday.  Exercise helps me destress.  Of course, so does chocolate somehow.  Maybe that's why that stupid back of Walmart brand peanut butter mini cups ended up in the cart.  No, that was just sheer weakness.  LOL. 

I write all this b/c I think it is important for people to understand that during an adoption process life moves on.  It will be hard some days.  That is completely normal.  Normal to feel overwhelmed some days though for some reason that is not the feeling I have.   Mine is more a worried feeling.  Yet, this is already starting to pass.  I'm getting very organized lately.  Feels awesome.  SElling stuff we don't need.  No, it won't replace the roof but every little bit helps.  Plus, decluttering for me is very destressing for me.  It's great.  In the grand scheme of things, my troubles are very little.  So, I look forward to a wonderful weekend w/ my family.  Grounded one and all.  Hope you enjoy your week. Next week will return to normal.  School will be more settled, maybe dishwasher will be fixed(it works, just leaks some), a child will get a wake up call, my routine will be back in place for exercise and with prayers and good thoughts, homestudy will be approved. Yep, life is looking great right now despite my going through some rough hills of this roller coaster ride lately.  More to come.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And...they're off!!!

To school that is.  Today was the first day of school here.  Yikes.  As some on here know, we are trying to determine when we will homeschool all of them.  yes, all of them.  Lots to plan and do before we pull them out.  I would like them to go another 6 months but I dare say some will last that long.  Due to all the changes in the public schools here, it would be tough on them and us to allow them to stay.  I need them to reach their fullest potential and feel that they may have more options at home to do that.  I also don't like cutting out history and science for my kids just b/c they are in special education.  For now though, they have started school.  I really can hardly wait to hear how their day went.  Started way, way too early and I am honestly ready for a nap.  Took a few pictures from this morning.  Did not get any of Yana.  Tell you more on why she is grounded in another email.  She tried to go out of the house w/ pants that literally looked like they were painted on.  These were not the new fashionable "skinny jeans" that are ever so popular.  No.  These I can honestly say looked like she had smooth thermal underwear on that were 10 sizes too small.  Not kidding.  Ridiculous!  She borrowed them from a friend who is not the same size as Yana.  Again, more on the clothing drama & everything else later.  Just wanted to explain why she wasn't in pictures.

Can't believe Max actually got up on time.  Maturity may be setting in.  Irina and Max getting ready for school at o' dark thirty in the morning.  5:30 am is just too early imo.  But, they did it and did just fine.  Nothing fancy for breakfast this morning I'm afraid.  Just oatmeal and milk.  Boring.  Sorry kids.  It was a long night.  

You can't tell just how nervous she is.  She is in 10th grade this year.  

You can't tell it yet but Alex is ready for his first day of school meltdown.  Always a way to kick off the day.  Why so mad?  B/c we wouldn't let him wear shoes that had no souls on the bottom.  Then mad b/c his friend has a mohawk & we won't let Alex.  Alex's hair is not meant for that.  Max & Bojan's hair yes.  Alex & Nik's hair is way too fine.  Oh, and then he tried to be sneaky after our backpack checks.  With RADishes in the house, we have to do this.  Anyhow, he tried to take the silly bandz.  Luckily, the other kids had it together this morning and were actually ready early.  Shoot, Alyona's even watching the news.

The elementary kids together.  Alex is trying hard not to smile just for me.  

No idea what he's doing w/ his arm.  This is Nik, the first grader.

Alex, our 3rd grader.  Yep, still not smiling for mom.  Silly bandz and shoes did him in this time.  Maybe next year I'll get a smile.

Alyona, our now 4th grader and still my girlie girl.  Yes, the hack job Irina did on her hair a few days ago is still evident.  Oh well, it will grow back.

Bojan, our now 5th grader.  He is really growing up this year and so hard to believe it is his last year at elementary school.  He has come so far and can't wait to see what the year has in store for him.  Should be wonderful.  

That was a quick glimpse of the start of school.  I have more pictures from it but just don't have the time.  I literally have been signing papers all afternoon.  Getting ready to workout at nearly 10 at night.  Hate that late workout.  Top of that, have realized we now have 1 roll of toilet paper in the house and with 9 of us (well, 10 as we have a house guest), that can not be a good thing.  So, off to Wally World in a bit.  Usually we keep stacks and stacks.  Just been too crazy busy I guess.  Alex had a hard day today and it showed after school.  I do not think the team teacher approach will work for him at all.  He was a nightmare this afternoon.  Even the speech therapist for Nik saw it.  FAS kids have a hard enough time w/ transition and this is making it all the more difficult for him.  Already have a note to the teacher and will be calling an IEP meeting later this week.  Have to compose the note first.  I refuse to let my child miss out on social studies and science.  I still have another post just working on it.  My time is extremely limited since I babysit during the day.  Still working out a schedule for everyone.  Have a great evening and can't believe we've started school. 

Fun faces of my kids

Found some random pictures of my kids and thought I'd share.  Working on another post but I have 2 kids here today so will be a later post.  We're going to story time today at the church.  Walmart later.  Plus, want to get a little more organized as the children I watch are getting older.  Thought it might be cool to to a little learning.  Well, fun learning I hope.  We'll see.  Anyhow, back to the pictures.  My kids some times like to take the camera and take pictures of themselves or each other.  the photos below are a mixture of that.  Just kind of silly stuff but thought you'd like to see the silly side. 

Irina being goofy.  she loves to take the camera and take pictures of herself.  Not vain, just trying to see what she looks like.  Irina is at the age where she is discovering different things.  She is aware of her FAS and has some lasting effects that she is trying to figure out.  Takes time.  She complains all the time that she hates her smile but I tell her it's nice.  Yeh, that doesn't mean a thing coming from mom.  

What a mischievious face!  He is also taking the picture of himself.

sorry for the blurriness.  I didn't take this shot.  Can you find Bojan amongst all the stickers?  Why he did this, I have no idea.  

I'm not sure what she was thinking in this picture.  Just know she doesn't look all that happy.  She just came in from swimming as that's her cover-up.  This may have been the day the boys were in the pool and she was chased out.  This is the one that is longing for another sister to play with.  We're working on it, I promise!  

Alex looks half dead.  LOL.  Yana is always there w/ a pose of some sort for the camera.  She's tries to help Alex most of the time as she knows Alex has some serious issues.  She helps him when he gets himself scrambled.  Behind them is a new bulletin board we hung up.  .50 at a yardsale thank you.  Has are punishment system in the middle of it for all to see.  We have slacked off on that during the summer and it shows.  The other papers are school supply lists and welcome letters.  I started hanging up the done ones.  

Well, those were a few random pictures I found of the kids.  I have so,so much more to share and to tell.  We have some serious stuff going on and will tell you about some of it in another post.  We are missing one piece from our homestudy.  It is frustrating right now.  Again, more later.  For now, getting ready to go to story time at church, make lunch, have craft time, nap time, go for a walk/ outside play, and then Irina & Max will be home shortly after that.  enjoy your day everyone.  Stay tuned for more posts of what's happening at Chaos Manor. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School supplies

As every other parent in America, school supplies this time a year become top priority.  I do have a supply closet and we just stock up at yardsales and whenever we see a clearance rack on the  things we know we'll need.  this year though, our supply closet was low. Bummer.  But, we did have a few sales we went to and got a few things.

Can you guess who's room this is?  Yep, Irina's.  OCD right down to the stacks of pencils.  LOL.  But, it helps so I shouldn't complain. 

Now, remember I had a closet full of supplies.  We are reduced to just this many for now.  So, kids and I had to restock a bit.  Got a good start for sure.  Though most of this is all gone now.  

The lists over the past few years in this county got ridiculous.  We were buying tennis balls so the chairs wouldn't scratch the floor, candy, etc.  One year, most my kids had 2 pages, yes I said 2 pages of supply lists.  This year, it has finally come down to common sense of what they need and I'm so happy as I can buy just about everything they need.  Though one of the  teachers wants a $16 binder, everything else is reasonable.  And no, I can not pay that for a binder.  IMO, a binder is a binder.  It holds notebooks and that's what counts.  The other thing was that the high school & middle school want each of my kids to have a graphing calculator for class.  $80 a piece.  Sorry but $240 is out.  This is inclusion math and I know exactly where my kids are.  One could maybe, maybe understand how to use this calculator.  We have one at home and we can help them w/ it here.  I think the lists have gotten more reasonable than the previous years.  It helps many parents out in this economy and I for one have thanked the teachers for it. 

We have almost everything checked off on the supply lists.  A few binders missing but working on that part.  Last year we were given a gift card to Staples for back to school supplies and it was such a blessing for sure.  Lists aren't too bad this year.  

Kids are really excited finally about school.  Hope all goes well tomorrow.  Lots going on here and I will have another post.  We are at a point where we need a few prayers and good vibes our way.  Will explain in another post.  Just trying to get everyone sorted for school, lunches made, supplies put away, baths done, and rooms cleaned up.  We're almost there.  Many changes are happening and children with FAS do not tolerate change or transition at all well.  This happens every single year when school starts, when winter break comes along, when Easter break comes along and when school ends.  It is very difficult on FAS parents during these transition times.  Multiply that by 6.  We try to get back into routine quickly, have a sense of calm and do not over stimulate them by going places.  We are going to a farm and church this weekend but that will be it.  The little things help for sure.  Just know, we are ready for school tomorrow and can't wait for 1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, & 10th grade this year!  Still in awe that I actually have 2 highschoolers.  Shoot, when did I get this old.  LOL.  (btw, my husband thinks I use the LOL phrase way too much.  I think I'm doing better at cutting back, don't you?).  So much more to say but need to get the kids finished up here.  It's 8  and 3 are due in bed. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Little moments.....

mean so much.  Today, Sunday, has been a dreary, lazy day.  And, it's been a great time to catch up on sleep and just veg out some.  Clean a little.  And I mean very little.  All sat down to watch a movie. Warren's had to work this weekend and he's in Cary now working.  Other than that, we've gone nowhere today.  I boxed up dresses to send to my brother for my niece.  Hope to get to the post office tomorrow some time.  Generally, just doing some catching up around the house. 

While I was getting a shower, a little monkey was in my closet and knocked down the Advance Bionics box in our closet.  Guessing it was Nik b/c he was interested.  He wants his second implant so badly, that he is literally searching for a spare.  Anyhow, while looking at the box, we realized there is another hookup for his implant to hear music directly into the device versus going through the microphone.  So, we got Irina's ipod and plugged him in.

First getting Nik hooked upto the device & to the ipod.  

He was so happy he could hear music.  Real music.  We've talked to other CI users and they said music going into the mic sucks.  But, directly linked up to the implant is very clear.  Made his day.  Now, if only we could afford to get him an ipod as well.  LOL. For now, Irina is more than happy to loan hers.

This is something that wasn't possible.  Him being able to actually listen to music.  Nik loves to dance.  When I'm in my bathroom putting on make up or brushing my teeth or my hair, Nik will come in,climb on the counter and dance.  I'll turn the radio up quite a bit and he & I will dance to whatever song is playing on the radio.  He is so into music.  It's wonderful to see b/c just a few short years ago, he was destined to rot in an orphanage, tied to a bed.  There would be no music.  No dances with mom.  No laughter.  No smiles of delight b/c he could hear.  None of that.  

It is the little moments like Nik listening to music that make you just stop and think.  You CAN do something.  Whether it's praying, donating or adopting, every single person is able to do at least ONE of those things.  I think the statistics are that if just 7% of Christians would adopt a child, there would be no more orphans in the world.  That would be a time for rejoicing and dancing for sure!  Just food for thought.  For now, just enjoying  a lazy day w/ everyone watching an old movie.  More posts later but we really just needed a veg out kind of day.