Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Today, the day after Christmas, we woke up to an absolutely beautiful site.  In NC, we do not get snow hardly at all, let alone 10"!  So, when it happens, you take full advantage of it.  Figured I'd show a few snow shots in this post & then the kiddo snow shots in the next post.  Hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we did.  It was simply beautiful.  Very peaceful.  Warren & I even took the puppies for a walk.  Such quiet.  Tranquility.  Oh, how I wish I could bottle it and give it to my kids.  For now,looking at it will have to do.

Our house in December of 2010.  Quite the wintery site for a change.  

To the right of our home.  Everywhere you look, snow.

This is looking to the right of our driveway.  This was during the storm.  The only reason there are tire tracks is b/c we do have several emergency workers in the back of the neighborhood that must get out.  No choice.  They were needed today too.  Over 1800 accidents thus far.  Stupid people driving when really there is absolutely NO reason to.  I guarantee you that all of those were not emergencies where someone had to get to a hospital.  Crazy.  North Carolinians really can't drive in the snow.  If you transplanted this state to Montana or Minnesota & asked them to drive, we'd all crash within a week.  LOL.  So, we stayed home & admired the view instead just like Mr. Newsman said to do. 

A winter wonderland for sure.  Love it.  Those who get snow all the time I'm sure are laughing at us now but it truly is a big deal here.  

This was while it was still snowing out.  We got almost 11".  And, it is snowing outside right now again!  Such a treat for us at Christmas time.

Some pops of color in the snow.  Peeking out, bringing to life the feeling of Christmas in the air.  Red berries in the snow is just gorgeous.

More little pops of color peeking out of the white snow.  This is a birdhouse in the backyard.  It is just covered.  

This is our backyard.  How lucky are we?!  We get to enjoy this awesome view every time it snows.  We stare out our dining room windows at the snow as we sip hot cocoa.  Just amazing.  We love it.  Okay, so Warren is not as taken a back by the snow as I am.  Maybe we can get him going w/ a good snowball fight bright & early tomorrow morning.  

Many more pictures to come.  Next set will be the kids in the snow.  Just had to show you how beautiful it was today at our home. 

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  1. Well 11 inches is a LOT of snow at a time!!!! Even up here in MN that is a lot too! Your pics are SO awesome!!!!! Love the berries and the mailbox shots!! Hope you are still enjoying it tomorrow and be careful if you go out!! :)