Thursday, December 9, 2010

Watch ABC Friday Night

Please watch this show.  It's 'What would  you do?"  Apparently, they will have a segment on people drinking while pregnant and how others will react.  It will be very interesting to see if they touch on FAS(fetal alcohol syndrome) at all.  Remember, 6 of ours are effected by it.  Here's a preview: .  Just thought this might be interesting though I have no clue what all it will entail.  I'm still amazed that people think it's okay to drink while pregnant.  Blows my mind.  The brain damage they do to the kids is life long.  It never ever goes away.  I'll be watching tomorrow night to see what all it's about.  Plus, I really do love that show as it gets you thinking.  Thought I'd pass along the info.  Good night.  More pics to come tomorrow.  So much to catch up on. 

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