Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unexpected Gift!!!

Oh, there is a lot to say here & I truly don't know where to start.  Sometimes words are said that once out, you can't take back.  No way to say I'm sorry, no way to take back what was said, and really not much way to "fix" it.   What then?  Time.  Simply time.  Well, time and forgiveness.  I won't go into all the details of what happened a few months ago.  And, some may not want me to share all this but feel it is necessary.  Families all have spats.  I don't care who you are.  There is going to be an occasional disagreement that goes too far.  It happens.  What happens next is actually more important than the argument itself.  Forgiveness.  Forgiveness can come in many forms.  I have forgiven but never really took any action to rectify the situation.  Mainly, I've simply been too busy.  I know that is a sorry excuse but I have started a letter 2 months ago & never finished it!  Well, my sister actually took the first action to help things along.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  So, here's one:

Now, to some, this may be just a gingerbread house.  To me, it is SO, SO much more.  My sister thought of us and really cared.  She knew all the gingerbread house struggles we've had over the years & made it something special instead.  Gave it a different meaning.

Isn't it gorgeous?!  We LOVE it!  More ways than one.  This is not just a gift.  This has deep, deep meaning toward repairing a relationship that was struggling.  I was hoping we could reach a point where communication would be restored.  I think as sisters we need that.  I know for a fact one of my family members had a spat w/ their sibling when they were adults as well.  Now, you would have never known that unless someone told you.  As now, they are both close.  I do hope in the near future it will be the same for my sibling and I. 

I know this is just the beginning but it is a starting point.  Hope others don't mind me sharing a story of hope.  Never lose hope.  Part of being in a family is going through ups and downs together.  Whether adopted or biological.  It's simply being part of a family.  What makes a family truly special is that you can actually get through the times, not dwell on it and move forward.  Now, if I can keep the kids away from it, that would be the real Christmas Miracle.  Don't know if my sister reads my blog any more but just in case, thanks a bunch.  

Have to go.  2 hour delay for school tomorrow.  Mine are already out of whack.  URGHH!!!  I plan to get some stuff done this evening.  Lately, I've been on this organizing mission.  Even dumped out this black cart in the dining room that holds all kinds of crafts/ school supplies.  Well, we've been wiping up glitter for days now.  seriously, the dogs are covered in it.  Will try to finish the post from this past weekend.  Tomorrow.  Right now, much to do and phone calls to make.  We are cutting it close on the re-adoption stuff so need to check the status. 

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