Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Under the weather

This will be a very quick post.  I'm feeling rather under the weather.  Mostly sinus mess & basically really, really stuffed up.  Headache like someone took an ice pick to my head.  I have many messages & things to return to people.  However, health comes first when you have a family such as ours as we don't really get a "break."  So, I need to get as much rest as possible & shake this thing.   I apologize for not returning messages & such.  Not trying to be rude.  Just extremely exhausted.  Had the 4 "littles" today & my 7 got home from school early & 4 of their friends came over too.  They understood I wasn't up to par.  I think taking the "littles" to the loud bounce house today may have done me in.  LOL.  Just here briefly to say I most likely won't write much today or tomorrow.  So, in about 2 days I hope to be as good as new & catch up on some stuff.  Today just has dragged on forever & digging mud out of both Nik's implants did not help me.  Making homemade play dough was not much help either.  Though, it did keep them entertained for awhile.  Warren is being a gem & cooking tonight.  Going to eat, rest & finish some stuff up tonight.  enjoy your next few days.  Oh, & if someone on here posted about the pics of the Bulgarian kids, write me privately at boydbunch@gmail.com and I'll explain why they're not up here.  I tried to write you but couldn't get the email address it seemed.  Got to go.  Already this screen has hurt my eyes.  Hope everyone is healthy out there.  I'm exposed to quite a great deal of germs around here & at school w/ them.  And, the places we go.  The vitamin C & D & being outdoors everyday has not held up to snuff.  LOL.  Still managed to catch something.  Talk later when I'm more coherent.

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