Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too much chocolate???

This post is from weekend before last.  That was Sunday.  The day after my parents were here for the early Christmas celebration.  Kids were beyond exhausted so we did not make it to church that morning.  We got up and were anxious to get cooking.  Why?

My mom had brought us Williams & Sonoma chocolate-chocolate chip pancake mix.  Now, as a self-proclaimed chocoholic, this is a true gift.  She also brought hot cocoa which we didn't have the same day.  We didn't want to over do the taste of chocolate.  She also got these cute spatulas.  I absolutely LOVE them.  The red & white one is big enough to flip over anything w/out breaking it.   The gingerbread one is awesome to get a hold of small foods or hard to reach places.  This is all we use now.  

These have got to be the thickest pancakes I have ever made.  LOL.  Some of the kids liked them, some didn't.  They were very, very rich.  Kids ate them later as snacks.  Definitely enjoyed.  Now, the hot cocoa...yum!  

Nik decided to draw a letter to Santa of what he wanted.  Irina labeled it for him.  A camera and a remote control spider.  I feel I'm going to be creeped out by that spider.  

Lots more going on.  More to tell but so much to do.  Got to go.  Making 2 photo books for Bojan's birth mom.  MOre on that too.  Chat soon.

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