Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

It's been quite awhile since I've done a Thoughtful Thursday post.  For those who are new, I do this b/c as parents of 6 kids w/ FAS/FAE, some times it is hard to find that glimpse of sunshine each week.  But, we need to do that b/c our kids are good kids.  FAS effects behavior immensely for those who don't know & so the kids will tend to get in trouble  more than their peers.  So, in this house we try to find the good thoughtful things the kids may have done during the week.  I'll start with oldest and work my way down.

Irina-- she knows Warren has not been sleeping much & had just a rough few days lately w/getting up with a sick child or puppies or kids doing the orphanage rock in the middle of the night or whatever.  Irina has made him fresh coffee right before he comes home everyday.  Very thoughtful of her.

Max-- Max took it upon himself to put plastic over as many windows as possible b/c we were losing lots of heat.  Remember, the house is around 20 years old.  Wind literally blows right through the windows.  Very thoughtful of him to do. 

Yana-- Yana offered to babysit for a neighbor.  I'm on the fence of whether to let her or not.  Let's just put it this way...children are not the chosen career path for Yana.  She's not mean or anything, that's not it.  Just needs a little more experience I feel.  But, thought it was extremely thoughtful of her to volunteer her service.

Bojan-- Bojan was completely done w/ homework this week early.  So, he offered to help Alex & Alyona out of the blue.  He could have used that time to play or what have you but Bojan chose to help his siblings.  Very thoughtful. 

Alyona-- Alyona has been trying to help with the puppies more and more lately.  She has also been playing with the "littles" when they are here and helping out with them quite a bit. 

Alex-- Nik couldn't find a hat one day for school.  So, Alex offered the hat off his head for his brother.   Wonderful act of kindness for sure.

Nik-- Nik really wanted to get his interpreter a gift.  He was very adament about it so he made a pile of pictures for her, wrapped them and stuck a bow on it.  Very thoughtful of him for sure.  Later, let him give her another gift..from a store.  He was thrilled to put a bow on that one. 

Always look for the good in your kids.  Despite almost all mine having major mental, emotional, and behavioral issues, there is always something that was thoughtful for the week.  Always.  Sometimes you may just have to look harder than others. 

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