Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snuggies, snuggies, everywhere!!!

As most of you know by now, my children all wanted Snuggies for Christmas.  You know, those ridiculous blankets w/ sleeves.  Have no idea why but they did.  So, thought I'd share a few shots of all my little "snuggies."

All my kids loving their snuggies.  All the boys got the same color & the girls each got a different color.  They wear them all the time.  

Another shot of them all together.  Now, they want me to get snuggies for the dogs.  And yes folks, they have Snuggies for the pooches.  I think my dogs may protest though.  

Alex, very comfortable in what he called his favorite gift.  They all snuggle up in these things now.  I think it's cute. 

Another happy Snuggie customer.  Do you think we can give endorsements?  LOL.  they do love these things for whatever reason.  Right now, they just came in from the snow & are wrapped up in them.  
Irina let Dad even try on her snuggie.  I think I'll have to get him a different color though.  

I even tried to see if one snuggie would fit us both.  I think it does.  Terrible o'dark-thirty picture I know.  It is Christmas morning so I ahve an excuse.  LOL.  These things really and truly are soft.  

I think Yana is just as happy as can be w/ her Snuggie.  It was something simple but fun that they all enjoyed.  So glad we caught the Black Friday deal on them.  They really & truly are warm and cozy.  I'm tempted to want one myself!  

Well, that is about it for now.  I do have more Christmas pictures.  next round will be Christmas with the puppies.  Right now, going to enjoy a movie w/ everyone.  All their friends went home.  After the movie, a walk, some organizing and then back to just relax today.  It's been awesome.  I do hope the snow pictures turn out.  Truly spectacular.  Have a wonderful week everyone!

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