Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowstorm 2010-- play day! (part II)

Can't explain how much fun we had sledding & throwing snowballs so will just have to show you in pictures. 

Alex & Nik going down on a sled ride.  We are very lucky that we have a yard that is a hill down to the house & the woods.  Great place to sled & right in our own yard!  Love it.  

Nik & Alex after their run down.  Nik never wears his implants when it's like this.  Too easy to lose them so we must communicate via sign.  I know some parents w/ CI kids who are more vocal choose to just use verbal communication, but for us, it is vital to know sign too.  

Irina took the picture of Nik & I going down for a run.  Got to admit, it is fun.  

Max coming down the hill.  You have to find just the right placement of the sleds to go the furthest.

Max was still trying to figure out placement before he crashed.  LOL.  Trust me, he got it the next time & went all the way down & almost into the creek.

Time to come in for a nice hot cocoa break.  We have tons of hot cocoa here for obvious reasons.  We had 4 extra kiddos here yesterday in addition to ours.  Was nice to have a supply on hand.  My mom had bought us these mugs last year & the kids LOVE them.  They even have little hats to go on top to keep the cocoa warm.  Top doesn't stay on long.  Marshmellow creme dripping down the handle, what could be better?  Pictures are all foggy from just coming in from the cold.  

Alex & Bojan enjoying some warm hot cocoa.  

Nik enjoying his cup of warm goodness.  I know it's fuzzy but look at his ear.  He has all his gear hooked up so that he can listen to his mp-3 player.  He really loves listening to music & can even bop to the beat!  A few years ago in the orphanage, he had no gift of music to listen to. So many new experiences in just a short time all b/c he was given an opportunity.   We couldn't be more grateful for that same become a forever family.  

I do have more pictures and other things happening.  Going to go make Irina her icing for her birthday cake.  More on that in a separate post.  Enjoy your evening everyone. 

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