Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snowstorm 2010-- play day! (part I)

Now that you have seen what it looked like outside, it is time to give you an idea of what we did.  I turned on the camera and saw this picture:

Irina, sleeping like a baby.  Though she's turning 18yo tomorrow, she is still our little girl.  That's a Snuggie on top of her btw.  We then woke up all the kids.  Ones who weren't awake which was just Max & Yana.  Nik had woken us up at 6am.  Yikes!  Crazy for sure.

one shot of them all.  Love the backdrop.  Click on it to make it larger.

Slightly different but I always try & catch all of them smiling if at all possible.

I did not ask him to pose.  Just caught him in the act.  We had all just gotten outside so everyone was all smiles for sure.

I did tell them to get off this trampoline.  Alex & Nik thought it would be fun to jump in the snow, on the trampoline.  Silly boys.  

I know there is a blur in some of these pics but lens was wet.  Can you guess what these two idiots are about to do??  Yes, I called my two sons idiots & the next picture will explain why quite clearly.  

Yes, they did.  The epitome of stupidity at best.  The two oldest boys dared each other to stick their faces in the snow to see who could last the longest.  Can you even take a guess at who lasted longer?

I can't say that older & wiser is the best choice of words here but Max outlasted Bojan.  Both faces were bright red.  They do this w/ every snow we get.  I just think it is ridiculous.  Boys. 

there are more pictures to come.  For now, I'm going to go downstairs, sit & watch a movie w/ the family.  Nice after a long day of playing in the snow.  We had omlets for dinner courtesy of Warren.  Delicious.  More tomorrow.  So much more to say.  Kids in the snow, Irina's birthday, etc.  Puppies to the vets and shopping.  That is, if the roads are clear for us to get out.  Enjoy the rest of your Christmas weekend.  For us, it could not have been better.  Okay, so it ended w/ Alex throwing up tonight but other than that, it is okay.  He doesn't have a fever so hoping it is over.  Talk more tomorrow. 

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