Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sing your heart out kid

Today is Tuesday.  Very busy day and night.  Irina had a world fair presentation and it went okay.  I say okay b/c she was supposed to bring a cake.  Well, that didn't happen.  Wasn't for lack of trying  but some days things just happen here.  Irina made the cake.  She claims she sprayed it but out of two round cake pans, there is no way one of them was sprayed.  The "littles" dug right in but Irina was ticked off.  I reassured her she wasn't going to fail due to a failed cake.  But, you try reasoning with a teenager with FAS and see where it gets you.  Yep, nowhere.  Hurried everyone up.  They were all too busy looking at the new gift:

My parents bought us a brand new washing machine for Christmas!  We were stunned and extremely grateful.  More on that in another post to come.  Working on it but been a bit busy lately w/ 7 kiddos.

After calming Irina, Warren took her to the World Fair thing at school while I fed the kids.  And got everyone ready for Bojan's performance.  I can't drive at night so Warren dropped Irina off and came back home to pick us up to go to the school for Bojan.  

Killing time.  Nik took my camera for awhile.  Geez, I hope Santa brings him one.  They all did great waiting.  And trust me, we waited awhile before it started.  

More killing of time.  Doesn't Max look just thrilled to be there?  

Bojan, has time to look at the camera.  He sings loud as can be at home yet the entire chorus you could barely here!  Don't know what happened to their lungs but think they got a case of stage fright.  The kids did great, just needed to be a bit louder.  I know at some schools there is audience participation.  It would be great if they'd sing a classic that everyone knew & asked folks to join along.  We used to do that at another one of their elementary schools and it was so much fun seeing the entire room sing Rudolf.  LOL.  

They did a little rap song w/ the reindeer and Ms. Claus.  Very cute indeed.  It was a nice little show & have to admit we have a wonderful chorus teacher here.  As someone who used to be first chair in high school and march in college, I take heart to music.  I admire the teachers who have the gift to teach it w/ such patience.  Mrs. Yohmen is one of those ladies.  Great job everyone!  BTW, Bojan was one of only 6 boys.  There were maybe 50 girls I'm guessing.  You can't tell by the pictures but Bojan was in severe pain tonight.  Foot keeps swelling way up.  He goes back to the surgeon next week.  Doesn't help that the prosthetic is way too small.  He's a trooper for sure. 

Well, I should be cleaning the house but I'm not.  The DSS social worker comes tomorrow.  Hope she's as understanding as our other social worker.  I have 2 puppies and 2 "littles" here during the day.  7 kids come in the afternoon.  Homework, dinner, bath time and whatever else comes up.  There's books all over the floor from where we read today.  Counters in the kitchen look like Chef Ramsey had a fit in there.  Laundry piled up due to the new machine.  You know, life stuff.  I hope she sees it all that way tomorrow and doesn't look for some deeper meaning.  Much more to come once again.  Just know this week is one of my busiest.  Plus, one of the "littles" preschool shut down so she's with me full time during the day for now.  Like it but keeps me on my toes for sure.  Well, today my kids missed the bus.  Hoping to get them going tomorrow morning.  Enjoy your week.  Ours has started off hectic but neat seeing the hard work of Bojan and Irina pay off. 

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