Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Santa, sipping & sheep

This past weekend we had the church play rehearsal and the play itself.  So, Saturday morning we had to be up bright & early to be there at 8:30 am.  No, we didn't make it on time.  Don't ask what happened.  Never ends.   It's getting to the point I think I'm going to send them to bed dressed in church clothes so that we're ready to go.  Yep, we may actually make it on time then.  LOL.  Anyhow, we had  play rehearsal in the morning. 

Bojan is practicing his lines.  He had a big speaking part as he was one of the 3 wisemen.  He was rehearsing really well.  All the pictures are kind of fuzzy so bear with me.  

After singing and rehearsing, the kids had a wonderful surprise visitor:

Santa Claus!  Kids were all thrilled.  Alyona went up first from our bunch.  Shy but she managed to list all the baby doll items she wanted like a baby bottle, baby diapers, etc.  Thought she looked cute in her Mrs. Claus dress.  Oh, and she asked for a snuggie.

Alex was daring enough to go to this Santa.  LOL.  His list remains the same...candy corn and a snuggie.  The Santa was a little perplexed I think w/ all my kids wanting a snuggie.  Alex is 10yo.  He is definitely on the edge of whether or not to believe.  Hate it when they outgrow the magic of it all.

Nik was literally jumping up & down but when he got to sit on Santa, he was super nervous.  Too cute.  He too has kept w/ the same list & was signing as fast as he could.  

Nik enjoying the candy cane Santa gave him.  

After a long morning of practice at church & breakfast with Santa, we came home & made some of that rich cocoa my mom gave us for Christmas.  Topped it off with some whip cream.  Yumm is all I can say.  Was nice to warm up with chocolate.  

While enjoying that hot cocoa, Warren used Irina's head to figure out where to stitch on the sheep's ears for Nik's hat.  Irina didn't mind as she was distracted by the chocolate.  And, in case you're wondering, Warren's grandmother taught him how to sew. I do not even know how to hem pants.  Sad, but true.  I can not sew.  I have no desire to learn how to sew.  However, I for some reason would love to learn how to crochet.  Time will tell.  

Trying to play catch up with posts.  Have a few things to share with everyone.  Just now, getting caught up and it is a very busy time of the year at home.  Tomorrow, the kids all have a 2 hour delay for school.  Throws the whole day off.  We're in for cold, yucky weather tomorrow.  More to catch up on and more to tell.  Working on stuff.  Right now, need to go read to Nik.  Oh, today, I totally & utterly forgot an IEP meeting I had for Max this morning.  It's rescheduled for Monday at 7:30 am.  Much to discuss at that meeting for sure.  Hoping for a positive outcome. 

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