Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sanford & Sons meets Martha Stewart...NOT!

As I've said, this has been an unusually busy week for us.  Okay, so they're all busy.  In addition, I can barely type b/c my hands are red & raw for winter.  Stings to even take a shower.  Happens every winter.  Meantime, it is Christmas time.  Stuff needs to be done.  I love looking at the magazines each year and saying I'm going to do that.  The kids knowingly laugh in the background.  Why?  Because I am no Martha Stewart.  There is not one crafty bone in my body.  Not a one.  About the best I can do is make the paper plates match. It's sad.  It really is.  LOL.  Here is a recent attempt at something I had seen on a site called Bakerella.

Umm, this is not how they're supposed to turn out.  Cake pops they are not.  More like poop pops.  Yep, that's what my kids' called them.  The cake part tasted great.  Gooey but great.  The dipping process...not so great.

Yeh, I wouldn't want to eat it either.  I was trying to be festive.  Umm, no.  I won't even go into the gingerbread houses that still stand to be a running joke in this home.  Oh well. 

Now, I can decorate cakes.  Used to work in a few bakeries and took cake decorating classes as well.  Yet, if I steer away & try to make anything whatsoever different, it always seems to fail.  So, sticking w/ cakes I am. 

I have a hard time even posting a picture like this.  I'm sad to say that this is the state of our backyard.  We tried to make a homemade bike rack from scrap wood but that eventually fell over.  So now, there are 16 bikes that just lay in a pile.  Max built the little cage on the right for helmets and scooters.  It's just a mess.  A storage building is a necessity but hasn't happened as of yet.  It was supposed to happen last year when the gentleman who we gave the car to said he'd bring us a shed after the holidays.  Never transpired.

Just another view.  Horrible, huh?  The no storage issue has become a real problem as of late.  Don't even get me started on the hot tub sitting there not working.  That is a long story.  We can't put anything in the garage as that is going to be turned into a room for the girls.  Temporarily, we'll put them upstairs.  Trying to figure out solutions for all of it.  Not an easy task.  

We'll come up w/ a solution soon.  Have to.  Yesterday was Wednesday & busy.  We had the social worker from DSS come.  Poor woman.  She was really nice but can only imagine what she was thinking coming to Chaos Manor.  BTW, it did indeed live up to it's name.  She pulls in the driveway and Kids are lined up along the embankment looking for the puppies who disappeared into the woods.  A mom came to pick up two of the "littles."  Finally, I tell her we should probably go inside.  Go inside and start talking.  Well, Yana thought now would be the time for me to sign her progress report and inform me that she is failing history.  What?!  That was the first I'd heard of it.  All other subjects are 'B's.  She's done all assignments and gotten 100 on them all.  Yet, failed every test.  Something is definitely up with that and I will get to the bottom of it.  Yet, not the time to investigate as social worker was standing right there.  I resisted the urged to lean my arms out around Yana's neck.  LOL.  Alex then asks what there is to eat.  Acting quickly I said popcorn.  I had this fear of him opening the fridge & the sw seeing what was inside...empty.  Yep, need to go grocery shopping desperately.  After church last night we ran to the store & got salad & spaghetti for dinner.  It was usual Chaos Manor after school including two kids that didn't live here.  There would have been more but told the others to stay away that day.  LOL.  These two don't come over that often.  They came around the corner w/ Yana and Warren said "who are you two?"  Umm yes honey, that makes us look even better yet to the social worker if you don't know their friends.  At this point, I'm thinking she had to think we're nuts.  However, she seemed really calm amidst the chaos and we even talked openly about RAD and FAS kids and a little about the foster care system.  In the state of NC, you can not have over 5 kids if you want to adopt.  We wouldn't qualify.  We knew that anyhow as we had asked years ago.  Hence, Bulgaria it is!  Anyhow, she was really nice and didn't seem to mind that the boys' room literally looked like a demilitarized zone.  We had just removed an area rug that was covered in puppy poo.  It was a shag rug and there was just no way to clean it.  All in all, I think it went okay.  Then, it was immediately off to church play rehearsal.  While there, Warren took Irina to go get shoes.  We try to do two things at once whenever possible as that van is a serious gas guzzler.  And let's face it, it's not getting any cheaper.  

Today we just had speech therapy but she canceled as now Nik's papers are missing an MD signature.  He can not get services until it's signed.  BCBS sent something though not sure what.   I need to go over benefits for the new year.  From what I hear so far, not good.  Looks like our insurance will double AND our copays go up.  Copays kill us as it is.  And this year, they'll be 12 of us.  We have great specialists that try to tie things together to help us out some with costs.  Still, it adds up quickly.  For Christmas, I want a Wake Urgent Care gift card.  LOL.  Do you think they make them?  Anyhow, just par for the course.  We go with the flow.  Need to get some kids to make some lunches for school.  Plan on working out tonight once Warren gets home.  That way, he can run interference.  Have a wonderful evening and promise that Thoughtful Thursdays will return next week for sure.  Like I said, just been overloaded w/ some things lately.  Updates forthcoming. 

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