Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Red face & Christmas decorating

I'll start off with saying our reputation of being on time in church is tarnished ruined.  Why you ask?  Because of things like this:

Hard to see in the picture but his face is all red.  from what you ask?  Nik told me twice that Alex had hit him with the ball which is totally believable.  Alex decides to tell us that the bike fell on Nik.  L-I-A-R!  Then we have to stop and explain to Alex for the 100th time about lying.  (this is common for RAD & FAS kids btw).  Since all but one of mine have these disorders, it gets hard some times at telling who is telling the truth.  This was only part of the issue this past Sunday.  I won't even get into Irina having no dress shoes whatsoever or kids missing clothes.  At a certain time, you just give up and go as is.  Thankfully, we have a very understanding congregation who doesn't care what we look like.  Red face and all. 

After church, we came home Sunday and got to work a bit with decorating.  We have several trees and some are indoor & some outdoor.  I used to work in a florist shop & get 75% off the wholesale price.  So yes, we did get a $700 tree for I think $75.  It was 10.5 feet & gorgeous.  However, when our water heater broke under the house, all decorations for every season were destroyed.  Happens.  

Why what household would be complete without at least one tacky Christmas decoration?  Ours happens to be a light up farting Santa.  Don't even ask.  It keeps the kids, neighbors and guests laughing their butts off every single time.  BTW, this whole batch of pictures has a smudge as I didn't realize there was a print on the lens.  

Starting to go through some boxes.  

Yana trying to fix the lights.  Poor girl literally worked hours fluffing the tree & putting up the lights.  I used to do this w/ the florist shop for big offices.  I could careless if I ever decorate another tree.  LOL.  Seriously, when you decorate tons of staircases, and 25' trees you just have had enough.  So, when Yana volunteered, I gladly accepted.  

Max getting stuff from under the house.  We have NO storage and have no choice but to put it in here...the wet, mildewed crawl space.  We have a bunch of natural springs in our yard so that's why it's always wet.  Each year we throw more and more away.  Hate it with a passion but have no other choice till we solve the storage issue.  Warren gave away a classic Volvo PV544 (okay, so I don't know the #'s).  The guy who came to get it last year said he'd give us a storage shed after the holidays.  He never contacted us again.  We were really looking forward to that shed.  Oh well.  Mean time, this is it for us.  I have no idea what will become of some items that are currently in the garage that we'll eventually convert to a room.  Going to get interesting for sure.  Some of the kids may be storing pumpkins under their beds.  LOL.  

After decorating a little while, we took the kids to play rehearsal at church.  

Some of the kids practicing the church Christmas play.  Nik is a sheep, Alyona a townspeople, Alex is the Innkeeper and Bojan is the narrator.  Alex told the director he is not an innkeeper but a hotel manager.  Nice one kid.  I'm sure they had the Marriott when Jesus was born. 

Nik loved sitting right next to the speakers to listen to them.  He also would put his hand on them to feel the vibrations.  See the implants only allow sound to go up to a certain level.  Kind of a protection mode thing.  Again, technical terms for me are not my thing.  

Alyona practicing her lines.  With her severe memory issues, it is really hard for her.  She has one or two lines and is really working on it.  Going to practice with them all tomorrow and Friday evening.  

Well, that was Sunday.  A rough start but ended okay.  More to come tomorrow.  Lots going on for sure at our house. Nothing bad just incredibly busy.  So, don't be surprised if there aren't as many posts as usual.  Family life takes priority for sure.  Enjoy your week. 

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