Monday, December 20, 2010

Question answered

Hello all.  I've had a few write me privately asking if Nik's issues could be part of AB(Advanced Bionics) recall.  It could be.  Chances are slim I'm hoping.  We did receive the recall notice but it was AFTER he started having problems.  Once we got that we said well, maybe but so few have had issues out of the thousands and thousands they've done.  Unlikely.  But, you just never know.  We called our audiology place & we have done everything they suggested.  Used the backup implant, changed the programs, etc.  Anything and everything.  Nik now refuses completely to put it on.  And it is NOT b/c he doesn't want to.  He keeps telling us to fix it & that it hurts.  I mean really, really hurts.  We go back next Tuesday for a follow-up for Nik.  Hopefully, we'll have more answers then.  But, with the first reaction when we activated him, I was VERY uneasy about it all.  Back of my mind I kept thinking "great, we took away all his hearing & this side did not respond."  After awhile though, they got it to where he could tolerate it & it seemed okay.  Don't know what to do at this point.  Can only wait.  Praying it is not the internal device.  However, these are brand new processors and nothing seems to be wrong externally.  any suggestions of what it might be, do send them my way.  Like I said, other CI is just fine.  You have to literally pull that one off of him to get him to take it off.  He loves it, kisses it.  New one though, a totally different story.  Maybe just an adjustment period but doubtful.  Nik's new implant was part of the recall but I just can't imagine that being the problem.  Yet thus far, none of the troubleshooting ideas are working.  He has a private speech therapist that comes to the house 2X a week.  Going to see if she's seen anything like it.  He'd wear it the pass few weeks but only after signing hurt & being squimish for awhile.  In addition, he'd pull the magnet off quite often.  Almost to get a "break " from it but hated putting it back on.  Today, was different.  It was more of a very painful face & he refused to put it on.  Now, one of my kids is in pain, not going to force the issue.  Well, maybe w/ Bojan b/c he's a whimp about getting back up after surgeries.  LOL.  He knows this too as I tease him every time.  Doc says it's fine.  anyhow, sidetracked.  Back to Nik.  I won't push an issue if one tells me they're in pain.  You can tell by Nik's face, it truly hurts & not just a quick pain either that will subside.  So, for now, it's off.  Totally off.  He obviously can still hear out of the other ear.  Just wanted to do right by him.  Forcing him to hear in pain is not right to me.  Again, this is my child and my decisions.  I know CI's are quite controversial.  We did this b/c Nik was literally begging for surgery.  In addition, the other side was extremely successful.  Just wanted to answer the questions of yes, it is *possible* for Nik's implant problems to be part of AB's recall of the device.  I just can not imagine that being the case.  Impatiently waiting till next week.  Really want it to be something stupid wrong w/ it.  Don't need any more drama, that's for sure.  Any suggestions for trouble shooting, do send them my way.  Thanks.


  1. Hmmm so I was looking at the symptoms of those who've had reactions. I'm sure you've seen this, but there might be someone else who hasn't.

  2. So, in further reading about the symptoms, if Nik's implant is part of the recall AND Nik is having those same symptoms, I think that pretty much answers your question. Yes, it's a big deal to go through the surgery and have it removed, but Nik is telling you it needs to come out. "The Hearing Blog is opening an investigation into the two confirmed, and nine (or more) possible catastrophic failures of the Advanced Bionics HiRes 90K cochlear implant (CI) electronics module in the last several weeks, resulting in extreme overstimulation, causing extreme discomfort to the point of pain and headaches, with the possibility of permanent damage to the cochlea and auditory nerve." I imagine that when he suddenly pulls the magnet off would be when he's getting shocks from it. The test for your tech to determine if the processor is functioning properly is SIMPLE, and should be done immediately. I don't understand why they haven't just brought him in to test it. There have been only a few reported cases of failure nationwide, so the chance of your private ST having seen it are very slim.