Thursday, December 30, 2010

Puppy Pictures in the snow

Thought it was time to share a few puppy pics.  There will be more of Kota simply b/c Alaska got scared the first few times she was out.  And, that is when I had the camera.  She was plenty fine w/ it later on and I couldn't get either puppy inside.  Hope you enjoy. 

I think he should be on a postcard.  Isn't he adorable?!  Love this picture.

Nothing like a winter wonderland for a retriever.  He was in heaven.  Here he is watching the neighbor's dog whom he met for the first time.  She is a very, very playful boxer.  Kota wasn't quite sure about playing w/ her yet.  

Doesn't she look like a little wolf attacking him?  LOL.  He had pinned her in the snow.  They played like this for quite some time. 

One of Ms. Alaska.  Once she got used to the snow, she didn't want to get out of it.  She liked it better the second day when the sun was out.  Usually, her tail is curled up.  She is such a sweetheart.  

I know, not the best picture but thought it was cute.  Covered in snow, Alaska had had enough of it.  Umm, yes, I'm a little behind at this house with fall decorations welcoming you at the front door.  Oh well.  I'm early for next year.  Pups had tons of fun in the snow.  We all love snow here.  We really do.  

More posts to come.  Busy day again today.  Bojan had his check socket done today.  Amazing this kid can even walk. Wished I'd taken the camera in to show you the difference.  Astounding how much he grew.  Really is.  He picked out dogs as his fabric for his socket.  They'll check it one more time.  He's even getting an adult knee!  Wow!  Growing up way too fast.  We donated some of his old legs today.  Kept the old sockets.  All other parts donated.  Glad someone can use them.  It was part of my de-cluttering lately.  Much more to come.  Finger print appointment soon.  Got notification today but no date.  Date forthcoming.  Hurry up and wait.  The motto for adoption.


  1. The puppies are adorable!!! I know about waiting for the adoption process - we got our fingerprinting done on December 20th and are just waiting for the 1-800A approval letter. I hope your process goes faster!!

  2. Should go faster. This is not for us but for our daughter. Long, frustrating story. Was told once these sets of fingerprints are in for our daughter that approval would be immediate as there is nothing missing or nothing else wrong w/ our homestudy & such. Relief. NEED this done quickly for sure.