Thursday, December 23, 2010

Presentations, pups, & playdough

Okay, this is definitely a catch up post.  I know I've been under the weather & still am.  But, antibiotics seem to be helping.  doc said get some rest & then he started laughing.  He knows our household well.  The week has been beyond chaotic.  Kids had some presentations at school & I took two of the "littles" with me to the presentations & parties.  They did really well & only one running to the potty episode.  Alex had a presentation on Christmas in Russia. 

Alex displaying his work & some items I scooped up around the house.  Some of the few left.  URGHH.  Kids have broken a good chunk of our matroshka dolls.  I know, they should have been up high.  don't worry, we can get more. I might add that Alex dressed himself.  With a shirt on backwards AND a hole in it!  URGHH!!!  My kids.

Okay, so Alex wanted me to make a "Russian" cake...aka, flag.  fine.  However, it turned out like garbage so I didn't even take it to school w/ me.  Kids said it tasted great.  I'm just picky as to what desserts leave this house.  I used to decorate cakes but with this one, you'd never be able to tell that.  So, kids had it as snack afterschool that day.  Still can't find my real Russian flag.  (tell you that story another day). 

Now, we were between running up & down the hall for presentations at the same time.  We did Alyona's first actually.  

Can you tell she was a little nervous??  She did great though.  Hers was on France.  Afterwards, they had a little party.  

A little more relaxed as you can see. 

Pups exploring the woods by our house.  Kota is munching on some branches.  they love the outdoors for sure.  Right now, working on boundries.  Interesting for us as we don't have a fence or training collar.  Key words & sounds but I forget puppies need lots of practice.  But, Bear & Aspen learned so these two can too.  

Alaska is comfortable sitting like a human.  It's crazy.  Alyona is just as comfortable.  Despite us having plastic all over the windows & fireplace, it's still a bit chilly in here.  Hence, her winter coat & boots in the living room.  Thinking of reconnecting the fireplace.  We'll see.  Many of our kids are impulsive so we know that could be a dangerous thing to do.  We'll wait & see.  

This is Kota actually asleep w/ my slipper.  He fell asleep chewing it.  What a dog.  They love sleeping on the stairs.  Eventually, they're going to be too big.  

Both pups asleep on the stairs.  Notice the size of those paws.  Yep, we're in trouble.  LOL.  He still seems to be growing faster than her but vet told me males will typically be bigger anyhow.  This is why puppies are so dog gone cute.... so you don't kill them for all the stuff they chew up all day long.  You see them like this & well, you're heart melts & know they'll grow out of this stage soon enough.  

This is just one of the things you do when you have 15 kids at your house....homemade playdough.  Kids love it b/c it smells like chocolate.  He & one of the "littles" had a great time w/ this stuff.  I'm not exactly sure what his creation was but thought it was cute.  

I will have to catch you all up on happenings here at Chaos Manor in a separate post.  Lots & lots going on as usual.  Catch up post next,  I promise.  For now, have to go out to Food Lion for some groceries.  We had a wonderful surprise in the mail from friends of ours in Charlotte.  And, with a snow storm coming, stocking up on a few extra cans of soup is an awesome idea.  We have heard from neighbors in this area that last snow storm electricity was out for quite some time.  Getting prepared just in case.  More on the upcoming possible snow storm soon. 

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