Saturday, December 18, 2010

A peanut shower & foot stapled

The other day, we received our wonderful gingerbread house.  Well, of course it comes all packaged up.  What on earth do you do with all those packing peanuts then?

You have a peanut shower of course!  Do they look like they're having fun?

The three boys participated & I snapped shots.  Why?  Because I knew dog gone well when I told them to clean it up later that Alex would claim he had no part in it.  And, that's exactly what he did.  Ha!  Proof kiddo.

Alex & Nik are literally rolling in it.  I think this would make a great gift, don't you?  Next year I think Santa needs to just cover the house in 'snow.'  

Well, Bojan broke his foot...again.  URGHH!!!  Max decided he could fix it for him so I said fine.  That was before I knew what his plans were to fix it:

Yes indeed.  Max stapled Bojan's foot back together.  Nice, huh.  Even nicer is how Warren decided to fix it.  Take a look:

Is there anything a man can't fix without duct tape?  I think not.  Bojan goes back to the prosthetist this coming week for his casting of his socket.  Just seems to be taking forever to get this leg.  He's really at the point of not being able to walk.  Hopefully soon.  He can't put it on all the time at all.  Need to go this weekend for him to pick out material for his socket.  

I had written a whole other part to this post but decided to post it separately.  Today is now Saturday. I started this yesterday.  Was feeling a bit under the weather so didn't write.  We're cleaning house today & kids are hanging out with friends.  Yana spent the night last night at a friends.  Today, Bojan is spending the night at a friend's house & possibly Alex as well.  Alyona wants a friend to come over here and play and we'll probably do that at some point.  Need to get groceries first.  We were very blessed by someone at the school.  They wanted to remain anonymous but gave us a $50 gift card to Foodlion!  Food is one thing that is always so, so appreciated here.  As you can imagine, we go through an immense amount of food.  Immense amount.  LOL.  Gift card came at a great time.  Going to go buy some milk and stock up on breakfast supplies.  We ran out of  breakfast foods earlier this week & kids are tired of toast and so am I.  LOL.  I try to budget & stick to it.  But, during Christmas time and all the baking we do for school parties and such, it just doesn't seem to make it stretch.  So, again, this came at a wonderful time.  Don't get me wrong, we have food.  I just MUST stick to a budget in order to do this adoption & re-adoption of Irina (so far, it's cost us $1200).  That alone was unexpected & threw that budget into a tailspin.  Though we try to do every one of our adoptions alone financially by borrowing from retirement or loans, this time it is much different.  We have indeed borrowed from retirement.  However, unexpected expenses have come up that we have HAD to do.  Mostly, house related.  So, getting a gift card is a really big deal as it helps keep costs in check so we can continue forward with the adoptions.  BTW, immigration never called me back.  Anyhow, got totally sidetracked on this post.  Just wanted to say that the gift card will go to great use.  In January, a good chunk of fees will be due & travel will be forthcoming...pending Mr. Immigration man approval.  So having help financially in the form of gift cards, donations, etc. really makes life a little easier.  The stress of worrying where the money will come from.  Somehow,some way it always seems to find a way.  God orchestrated?  I can't answer that.  They have always said "God will provide."  I believe He does.  How else could we explain the massive amount of work our home needs & repair costs of things broken being slowly provided for.  An unexpected donation from the church helped to cover the unexpected costs of Irina's re-adoption.  An unexpected new washing machine from my parents took care of that needed appliance.  An unexpected monetary gift from my parents took care of our back door repair costs.  (remember, silly putty holding it together)  An unexpected box of sweet potatoes from a neighbor.  A big box of them.  An unexpected gift card from the school for groceries.  Just saying things are happening.  No, our adoption is not funded by these things but it sure does help.  Recently, we also received a donation in our paypal account specifically for the adoption.  A friend offering her employee discount for a childrens' shop.  She suggested buying some new clothes fro the orphanage.  And, we may do that.  Every single bit helps.  All adds up whether for the adoption or for the house repairs.  It all helps.  Warren is picking up two new mattress sets for two of the kids that someone was getting rid of.  Unexpected once again.  Someone brought bags full of clothes for the boys the other week.  That helped immensely.  The abundance of giving to our family is almost too overwhelming at times as I feel I'm not doing enough.  All we did this season was a food drive.  Yes, it really did help the family & they were very grateful, but I feel we could do more.  Once things settle here, I know my heart has been touched to do more.  Not sure what yet, but sure I can find a way to pay it forward.  10 kids or not, I sure can find time to pay it forward.  The generosity toward our family this Christmas season is very humbling.  Makes us stress a little less b/c somehow, some way we know the adoption expenses will eventually be taken care of.  BTW, we're still paying on Yana & Alex's adoptions believe it or not.  They are the only ones left we're paying off.  I will leave this topic b/c I know you all must be bored by now.  Just wanted everyone to see the wonderful Christmas spirit that has been bestowed upon our family in various ways.  Thanks to all even though many of them I have no idea who they are.  I just know they are angels among us.  Thanks to all who have made a difference.

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