Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nik's drawings

Thought it was high time for another remdition of Nik's drawings.  They always make me smile.  Remember, he is either going to be a Stephen King novelist or or need some serious therapy.  LOL.  These drawings are much more tame so we may have turned a corner.  See what you think.

Thought this was cute.  Have no idea why Nik thinks he's king of the world here.  Notice he is the only one sitting at a desk.  The other students are on the floor.  Presents are piled on the desk w/ his interpreter by them.  All the pictures hanging on the wall are detailed gingerbread men.  
This is a picture of CJ, his interpreter.  Got to love that backwards 'C.'

Picture of kids playing outside at school.  His interpreter & other teacher are sitting on the bench together.  Everyone is happy here.  Even the sun.

This is Nik sleeping on the top bunk & Alex on the bottom.  Those things lined up all against the wall are their shoes.  The thing on the right is their dresser.  On top is the fish tank & their soccer trophies.  

See, very, very tame drawings.  Don't worry, I'm sure he'll have Santa in handcuffs w/ Alex in a police car at some point this Christmas season.  He wrapped these up & some more and gave them to CJ w/ a bow on it.  

Today, we went to the church play rehearsal.  Santa came!  I'll have those pictures later.  First, I need to finish the post on last weekends' events.  Got to go.  Need to make Nik a sheep costume.  Off on the hunt for gray sweatpants and a white shirt.  Going to glue cotton balls to it.  Have to also get hopping on Alex's project on Russia as well.  Much more to share.  We unfortunately have something looming over us right now.  Yes, it has to do w/ Bulgaria.  It's frustrating b/c I can't say what's happening on here.  I will definitely, definitely share ALL details once this adoption is through.  Those who have been w/ us through some of these other adoptions I will just say one word and maybe you can guess what's happening here...Stavropol.  Even w/ this much experience, each adoption journey is a roller coaster ride.  And it's not over until the ride comes to a complete stop.  Our USCIS stuff should be a-okay for approval this coming week.  Dossier will be submitted w/ that.  We would receive a travel date shortly after that IF all fees are agreed upon and paid.  I hope that is all cryptic enough & that some of you can read between the lines on here.  What is happening to us is not for the faint of heart & glad it is happening to us versus someone who is new to adoption.  Taking everything w/ a grain of salt.  URGHH!!!  Should have much, much more info next week & will post what I can.  Just know, this is serious & is effecting the adoptions.  Sorry so vague.

Anyhow, life goes on.  Getting things done today.  We were going to go to a Christmas Parade but it is just rainy out.  I don't like cold rain.  I don't really think anyone does.  Especially, some of ours that have temperature regulating issues.  So, staying here now and going to get some things done.  Stay tuned for more. 

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