Friday, December 24, 2010

Mud & mattresses

My kids play outside all the time.  Well, things are bound to get dirty.  Just sometimes you wish you're kid didn't have close to $16K on his head.

First, I had to find the things.  Then, I had to take in what they looked like.  Notice the red light on the one & the other one's red light is not working?

You can click on any of the images to see just how much mud is embedded in one of these things.  

Lots & lots of mud.  Fished out w/ a toothpick & tiny brushes.  Took me forever.  This was on that day that I felt like a mack truck hit me.  Same time I was cleaning these out, some of the "littles" were begging me to make play dough.

We were very blessed the other day by a friend at Warren's work.  She gave us not one, but two sets of mattresses & box springs!  Now, we really needed to get all the kids new mattresses.  Irina just got hers.  Yana & Bojan needed the mattresses the most so they went to them.  They were thrilled to say the least.  Put it this way, Yana's previous set was just a glorified bean bag it seemed.  This was a generous gift to our kids & helped out a bunch.

This is Max changing out Bojan's bed.  This will actually be the first time he slept on a mattress AND box spring.  Before, he had a bunkie board but did have a mattress w /the built in springs.  Ignore the walls.  The patches are test paint sections for the girls' future room.  Kind of a mint green.  BTW, this is the back section of the room.  There is a whole other part to it.  One day I'll take a picture of the whole room.

Aren't they awesome?!  BTW, all 3 kids have slept beautifully now.  We no longer hear Irina's creaking bed at night.  Some of our kids still do the orphanage rock but mostly when sleeping or scared.  Many of them have stopped but we have a few that still do.  This was just such a generous gift.  Don't you love those test painted walls??  My kids' rooms are the less is more approach on the walls for a reason in case you're wondering.  Before, at our other home, Max had a 3-D paint job professionally done.(we used to live in the model know, the one that fell apart)  Anyhow, he did not sleep that well & just seemed to be too much for him to handle.  Came here & we've made things plain on the walls & that actually seems to have helped a bit.  Now, the girl teenagers have all kinds of stuff on their walls.  

The same person that gave us the beds, had a few extra jackets that the teen girls were able to use.  You can tell Irina is happy with it.  

Well, tomorrow is Christmas.  We had a nice service tonight at church.  I was sure one of my kids would light something on fire but it went off w/out a hitch.  Candles in hand and all.  We then went to look at lights which was extremely short-lived as all were hungry.  Homemade potato soup that has been simmering all day in the crock pot.  Right now, all are getting ready to watch a Christmas movie.  Too much excitement to go to bed.  Alex got in trouble for hitting Nik & Max.  Today has not been his day so hoping tomorrow will be better for him.  Everyone in life has an off day so maybe this is just his.  Was proud of Max though as he did not retaliate.  Progress!  Can't wait to share tomorrow.  I love watching them open presents.  Didn't take any pictures tonight b/c going to church is a special time for us & I don't really think taking pictures the whole time is our kind of thing.  We just enjoyed an evening together there and at home.  Simple.  

Now, off to do some last minute wrapping, mostly for the puppies.  Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! 

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