Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mom & Dad's Christmas

Today, I'm going to have to do a few catch up posts as I am beyond way behind.  We are trying to play catch up this week as I'm off work & so is Warren.  Getting all kinds of appointments done.  In addition, I have decided to refresh and renew my life.  More on that later but I am starting with de-cluttering this house.  Majorly.  I am literally starting at one end of the house & working my way around.  This also is allowing us to find stuff to sell to help raise some much needed funds.  Another post just regarding adoption expenses & a little of what is happening with all that.  It is a long, long story.  Anyhow, I'm playing catch up in many areas and one of them is this blog.  I had hoped to have a new look up by now but let's just say life got in the way.  The kids have been out of sorts and trying to getting them "normalized" again.  Something traumatized Alaska last night so badly that she slept in our bed all night long.  In addition, she didn't want to leave the porch.  She is much better today but something spooked her big time.

Thought I'd play catch up and give a little re-cap from Christmas.  Warren & I usually don't buy presents for each other as 1) we feel it's for the kids and 2) money is way too tight.  Well, the kids were very adament about us giving each other gifts.  So, we promised to make them inexpensive gifts.

Nothing like some great smelling shampoo & body wash to get you started in the morning.  Wakes me up.  Got to admit, Dove does make some great smelling shampoos and soaps.  

I used to collect teddy bears.  Mostly Biolosky & North American Bear Co.  When you have kids, you make sacrifices.  I obviously quit collecting bears but still love to look.  Had always wanted one of the Raikes Bears.  Well, got a little elf one!  Kids love him & so do I.  

Okay, so not the same as flying but as close as he's going to get.  LOL.  Warren has a pilot's license and used to fly.  LOVED to fly.  Again, you make sacrifices for your kids.  He hasn't flown since we've had kids.  Umm, a bit expensive to fly for those who don't know.  Around a $100 to $150 a hour I think he told me.  So, thought he'd like a remote controlled helicopter.  He did.  As did the dogs and the kids.  

The kids would NOT let me leave TJMaxx w/out them buying this for Dad.  They told me it was from Kota and Alaska to daddy.  It is a really cool mug.  Sorry for the glare.  That plastic on the windows is rather reflective.  LOL.  

The kids know Warren and coffee.  We splurged and got him the "good stuff."  Usually, it's Folgers which he likes.  Even got the beans so the kids could grind them b/c they think it's fun.  Warren however, does not think it's fun.  LOL.  

Just thought I'd share a quick glimpse of what we received from each other.  There are many more pictures to come.  I will eventually get caught up.  Getting ready to go make homemade pizzas for dinner.  Yum.  Try to do some more posts this evening.  Going to make some scarves with the kiddos first.  Got to run. 

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