Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! (part III)

Thought I'd do a few more pictures of gift opening and then onto what we did yesterday.  Right now, we have 10" of snow outside & it's still snowing!  It's a rarity in NC for sure & we are loving every minute of it.  I just got finished walking the pups w/ Warren.  Kids are taking a break watching a movie w/ some neighborhood kids here.  they've been playing all morning & at some point, I have to eat lunch.  For now, it's popcorn & a movie while I catch up on a few emails, get organized & write on here. 

Nik w/ his new camera.  He loves taking pictures so much.  I want you to look in the dining room at the window.  Do you see it is pitch black outside!?  That is just crazy.  Nik really enjoyed all his presents.  No idea why his ribs are showing.  Must of caught him during a deep breath.  Weird.  

Irina reading the Christmas letter from Santa.  They all listened to see if there was any other messages involved.  this is usually when the group gift comes into play each year.  However, this year the group gift came early and Santa reminded of them & to enjoy the puppies very much.

The good thing about OCD:  clean up after Christmas is immediate.  The rest of us have gotten used to it.  And this Christmas all gifts survived Irina's wrath.  We have had years past where we've had to retrieve presents out of the garbage can due to her quick clean up.  Again, still dark outside.  LOL.  

Alyona, showing off her new crocheted headband.  I love having at least one girlie girl.  Hoping some of my new girls coming home will love little girl things just as much as Alyona does.  

Nik practicing his cap gun.  He was excited b/c he could hear it.  BTW, I definitely should have gotten all the other boys a gun as well.  

Bojan sneaking the chocolate chip muffins we had for breakfast.  He had them before Irina could get them on the plate.  Hot muffins and bananas for breakfast.  He carried around his bag of stuff all day.  

Nik has all kinds of gizmos & gadgets that can be hooked up to his implant.  This one is so that the music goes straight to it.  Otherwise, he'd stick the headphones in and get nothing.  He loves listening to music.  So much so that today he used my hamper (wicker) to climb up to the top shelf in my closet where we keep all his AB gear to his implants.  URGHH!!!  Rule in this house is only the parents are supposed to touch it.  Otherwise, it tends to get lost and/or broken. 

Warren fixing the first toy broken.  Ironically, it is a brand new toy that came from the factory broken.  He got it fixed & up and running.  The mug is a present Alaska and Kota got Warren for Christmas.  

So much more to share but there is only time for a little today.  Too much fun snow to play in here.  Enjoy your day & will post again later.  We are home all day as the roads are bad.  Tomorrow is Monday and we have a vet appointment.  Depending on the roads, we may or may not go shopping with the kids so they can spend their money.  They are so excited.  Those on the east coast go & play out in the snow.  It's so refreshing.

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