Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! (part II)

Told you I'd be back.  We left off w/ Christmas Eve & the happenings around here.  Once we woke up at o'dark-thirty, it was time to gather everyone to start opening presents of course.  Feet could hardly stay on the ground b/c they were so excited.

Notice Warren? He can barely open his eyes.  Pups were a little unsure of everything in the beginning.  Alyona is admiring her new slippers in the background.

Pups are still on the chair sleeping.  There is a pink letter on the coffee table that Santa wrote to everyone also reminding them that the puppies were a wonderful big group gift.  Alex is reading a letter we wrote.  He found oranges, apples & this letter in this stocking.  Everyone gets goodies in their stockings.  Not typically fruit.  LOL.  however, as I said before, Alex had a rather rough week.  Okay, it was downright nasty.  I'll be honest.  Ask any of the kids.  So, we wrote him a little poem & basically said why he was getting the fruit instead of "goodies" & also told him that he would have to "earn" back the stocking of his stuff.  Do you realize his ENTIRE personality changed for the rest of today?!  It was unreal.  Like a different child.  Maybe it is just b/c he wants stuff back or b/c the peak of the holiday stimulation is over.  Don't know.  We all know though, we really like the "new" Alex.  BTW, he has already gotten most of his stocking back.  Santa also made sure to say be good Alex, I know you can.  Later, he said "I think I like being good better."  I do hope that sticks.  I really do.  He's a good kid underneath all that hurt.  he really & truly is.  Just need to make sure he knows that enough. 

Alyona showing off her new mp-3 player.  All four of the younger ones received one.  They absolutely love them.  Yes, even Nik.  (get to that later).  All four want to be like their older sibs so this is a small way to imitate them a bit.  Plus, they love music.  Did I tell you they all take after me (w/ the exception of Bojan)?  Not a one can carry a tune in a bucket.  Just like mom.  They have been singing along w/ the mp-3 player all day long.

Yana, very delighted in her gift.  The three teens each got a giftcard.  Yana & Irina to Target and Max to Best Buy.  Hence, why their piles were rather small.  They did not mind one single bit.  They are at the age where they would rather choose for themselves a present.  Now, we are going to take them this week to see what they'd like.  The girls have already said they want some new clothes.  Max isn't sure quite yet what he desires.  Can't wait to see.  Irina has the most as she saved all her birthday money thus far from relatives and still has money leftover from cleaning houses. Very excited to see what she picks out.  Irina has OCD which is no secret.  What makes this hard is she typically doesn't wear new clothes she gets as she is too afraid to get them dirty.  She literally has some shirts hanging in her closet w/ tags on them.  We tell her we have a washing machine but she still doesn't want to.  She also will not wear but one pair of shoes at a time.  She told me she likes to wear them out before getting the other pairs out.  Going to try to really make this shopping trip fun in hopes that she'll loosen up a bit on the getting things dirty issue.  I want her to look & feel good about herself.  Women reading this know what a new outfit can do for you sometimes.  We're also getting all 3 girls' haircuts.  they go through stages of wanting it cut & then not.  Girls. 

Bojan reading about his new e-book.  Bojan is our reading and literally just soaks up books as much as he can.  He has already started reading today.  Gulliver's Travels & Metamorphises.  Now the other kids are interested.  It is pretty cool.  

And yes, every single one of them got a snuggie.  Yana is figuring out how to put hers on.  Max had just opened his box.  Can I just tell you they LOVE these things.  Alex said it was his favorite present.  LOL.  They wore them all day long.  Too funny.  They said "Mom, you have to get one of these!"  I'm in no rush.  I lucked out on Black Friday at CVS with these.  They were over half price so made it nice indeed. 

Alex kept taking Bojan's alarm clock all year.  We decided it was high time Alex had an alarm clock on his own.  Do you know where it is now?  Same day?  In Yana's room.  Why?  Because Alex has decided he doesn't want an alarm clock.  How's that one for irony?  Notice the puppies zonked in the background?  Wish that could have been me.  

Just another view of the organized chaos.  They had a lot of fun opening gifts from Santa.  Nik is holding up the Zhu Zhu pets.  They love these things.  Alex wants to use some of his money to buy some.  Alyona received mostly baby doll items as that is what she wanted.  Nik did get his camera & remote controlled spider.  He didn't get one toy that we have yet to figure out what it is.  He keeps signing something that doesn't quite make sense but has todo w/ light and stars.  Nonetheless, he is definitely happy with his new toys.  

More to come.  We had an awesome day today & hope to wake up to a white morning tomorrow.  If so, it will be hot cocoa and snowball fights for sure.  Puppies should be fun to watch.  This most likely won't be good packign snow so won't be able to sled.  Maybe, but doubtful.  Still, kids and I are up to a snowball fight.  Though I must admit, it really isn't fair to gang up on mom.  Merry Christmas to all out there.  Hope your day was as relaxing and wonderful as ours. 

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