Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! (part I)

Merry Christmas!  This post may be choppy as Nik woke us up screaming throughout the house at o' dark-thirty this morning.  Got to love it.  Still dark outside, I managed to get my feet to move in the direction of the living room.  Bojan was the last to arrive downstairs.  Not quite sure what he was doing as usually he's one of the first. 

I'll go back to yesterday.  We try to just chill out during the day. 

Max helping Nik make a gun out of kinex.  The boys all LOVE kinex.  And, they get so dog gone creative with them.  
 Another thing they did Christmas Eve was make bead necklaces & bracelets.  Even Warren helped them out.  One of my friends came to the house and gave the girls some bead making items and the boys some wooden items to build.  They had such a great time doing them.  Thanks a bunch Jamie!  Her boys seem to enjoy themselves as well when they came over. Nice to catch up with old friends here and there.  Okay, she's definitely NOT old. 

 Some more bead making.  They are really serious about it.  Irina made me a gorgeous necklace. 

 After all the bead making and kinex making, church service, driving around looking at lights, movie watching( A Christmas Story of course), it was time for them to settle into bed.  Alyona and Nik did not want to miss out on Santa who comes downstairs obviously.  So, alyona slept in Irina's room & Nik slept in Yana's room.  My kids have lots of "Russian blood" still as they sleep w/ hardly anything on them.  We have tons of thick comforters but they all go for these thin little blankets.  Meanwhile, I have an electric blanket, warm pj's on, and a down comforter.  Hey, as long as they're comfortable. 

In our house, each of the kids has a pile of presents with their stockings in front of them.  Nik's is on the right & Alex's is on the left.  Despite size of piles, it is an equal amount spent on each child. 

Max's pile is in the papasan chair & Bojan's in the other little chair. I still am surprised none of the kids mentioned trapping Santa in the fireplace w/ the plastic sheet.  

The girls' piles.  Left to right... Alyona, Yana & Irina.  

There was very little sleep as the kids went to bed late.  Kept getting out of bed to catch Santa.  URGHH!!!  Got up super duper early and were rip raring to go.  More to come on Christmas Day 2010.  Really has been peaceful today and filled w/ quite a bit of joy.  Pictures to come.  Stay tuned for more of the Christmas Chaos at Chaos Manor.  Little surprises for sure.  Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  Be back soon. 

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