Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meadow Trip w/ pics (part I)

Last weekend we took our annual outing to Meadow Lights.  Meadow is a small town here.  We go every year to see a light display, sit w/ Santa and get old fashioned candy all in one stop.  Thought I'd share our little trip in two parts.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

This is what you drive up to.  Click on the picture to see more.  Middle sign says Celebration of Lights.  Just really beautiful at night.  We go right at around 5/ 5:30 to avoid the lines which in turn helps our kids regulate better.  

Nik and Alex goofing off while we wait in line to get the train tickets.  Tickets are just $2.00 a piece for the train ride.  Well worth it to see the lights and pick out our favorites.  

Just one of the displays.  The girls were trying to guess which displays were new as they seem to add new ones each year.  

A rose between two thorns.  LOL.  Look, do you see it?  All three girls actually sitting together, smiling.  Priceless.  

After the train ride, we stop by Santa's House.  Can't take pictures inside as you have to pay for pictures.  Alyona and Nik both sat on Santa's lap.  Alex did not want to. He's 10 and still believes.  However, he said he was scared of Santa.  Warren asked why and Alex said " I'm nervous b/c Santa knows all the things I've done this year."  What's that?  We finally got an honest answer out of him!  Too funny.  

Next stop after Santa is everyone's favorite...the old fashioned candy store.  Yep, aisles and aisles of candy.  I let each of the kids pick a bag and then we share it all when we get home.  Nik was asking for approval of his selection.  

Kids checking some old items out.  They find exploring new things so intriguing.  Love it.  

Blurry picture but it was the end of the trip.  Plus, bags were full of candy and they were wanting to get home to eat it.  

Ready to head to the car & find this.  A dead bird.  Boy on boy does this ever cause a commotion with our kids.  Poor bird.  

We had a really good time.  Kids behaved and were patient.  Place wasn't crowded and the weather couldn't have been better.  Just a really nice outing.  We always tell the kids if they can handle the little trips, we can start taking longer and longer ones.  This is what we started to do this past year.  Trying to work them up to being gone and being out of sync for a week.  We're getting there.  Very excited about that as we plan to take them traveling more once the new kids are home.  Getting ideas of what they want to see in America.  More pictures to come.  Just had to share a little of where we go and how much even the simple things can be enjoyed. 

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