Monday, December 27, 2010

Manic Monday

It hasn't been quite manic but at times, close to it.  1 RADish acting up and 2 FAS meltdowns is not the best part of my day but it's not all bad.  For those new here, when you have children with RAD, FAS, for the most part, you can expect meltdowns and such from time to time.  Doesn't happen to everyone but from other parents I've spoken to & our own experience over the years, it does indeed happen.  Over stimulation some times will bring that on and let's face it, the holiday season is one big event of stimulation & sensory overload.  Anyhow, we're past it now and have moved on. 

We have a busy week ahead.  On Wednesday, we're going to Warren's parents' house.  Should be lots of fun and kids are looking forward to it.  Have to re-bag some of the presents that pups have torn open. 

We took Alaska & Kota to the vet. Both tested positive for roundworms.  URGHH!!!  Last time, only Alaska tested positive.  Vet said this is common for puppies and there were very few worms in there so the de-wormer is working for sure.  Alaska also has puppy pyaderma.  Kind of like puppy eczema.  Antibiotic for her.  Lovely.  Kota has doubled in size since we got him last month.  He is now almost 21 lbs. and Alaska is 16 lbs.  Vet thinks Kota will be bigger than the "guidelines" they use.  At this point, apparently vets triple the puppy's weight & that is supposed to be what they end up.  However, she thinks he will most likely be more than that.  Probably about 80 lbs.  Alaska is going to be much smaller.  All in all, told they are healthy and good dogs. 

We came home & had lunch.  Oh, before that, both dogs puked all over the car.  Appropriately nicknamed at our home, the vomit comet.  Why?  Because for some reason, numerous kids have puked in Warren's car.  Now, add two dogs to the list.  Poor guy.  He takes it all in stride.  Well, since they just puked up all the de-wormer, we had to go back to the vet to get more de-wormer.  Did that on our way to a shopping center.

My oh my.  Warren has never gone shopping for the after Christmas sales.  I thought the lady at Target was going to laugh like crazy.  She was holding it back.  It is quite obvious that Warren will never ever go shopping during this time ever again.  He has made that clear.  5 of the 7 kids had either giftcards or money to spend.  Bojan bought a Wii game.  Alex bought a Wii game & Zhu Zhu pets and still has $5 leftover.  He told me I could have it.  Irina and Yana got some clothes and still have some money left to spend.  We'll go at a later date.  I did buy a few teacher gifts for next year at TJMaxx.  And, the boys a new trash can for upstairs.  I swear that there had to be something dead in it.  Threw the whole thing out.  Gross.  Boys are so different from girls.  They really are.  My girls would never get to that point.  We saw many friends and neighbors we know & for the most part, kids were great.  They listened, didn't touch, etc. 

Tomorrow, Nik has audiology.  8am.  Don't know how we'll make it out of the subdivision w/the ice but sure will try.  Stopping by bank on the way home & Sam's for some much needed supplies.  The rest of the day will be spent working on the house. 

I have been organizing like crazy in here and need to do some Craigslist listings for sure.  We'll get there.  Kids are even getting organized themselves which is nice.  Should be more functioning when they get back to school.

Haven't heard back from immigration yet.  Was hoping to this week so that maybe we could go sit at the Durham office Thursday or Friday for Irina's prints.  However, if I don't get that piece of paper, I can't even make an attempt.  I really am not a patient person so this is not working for me.  I'm learning patience a lot w/ this last set of adoptions. 

Alex is no longer sick.  Everyone else seems to be healthy & I'm doing much, much better than last week.  All in all, we're doing okay this Christmas break.  Looking forward to going out to lunch w/ all the kids some time this week.  We had received giftcards from my parents to either Red Lobster or Olive Garden.  They were to be used as a date night but since we can't leave our 7 home alone, it really doesn't work out too well.  So, we get to take everyone out to lunch which will be just as nice.  Can't wait. 

Irina's birthday is today & Bojan's  & Warren's are on the 5th of January.  Mine is on the 16th.  Hoping January slows down a little.  Enjoy your evening.  I'll have more later as well. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Irina!! I have been thinking about you lately! Hope you had a great birthday!!!!