Monday, December 13, 2010

Manic Monday

It's Monday already.  We have been rather busy today.  I'll share about this past weekend tomorrow.  Tonight, I need to finish up the early Christmas post w/ pictures from last weekend.  For now,  a quick thing on what's happening here today. 

Alright, I had the "littles" and Nik today.  Nik was home sick w/ what I'm guessing is strep throat.  Taking him in this evening.  If he's not better. 

Called & Bojan's liner was finally in today.  He could come tomorrow but has the surgeon's appt. tomorrow.  URGHH!!!  Kid needs a leg like two months ago.  He may have to go back into the wheelchair b/c it is literally that bad for him to walk.  His next appointment to get casted is next Tuesday.  He'll hate that as he'll miss the last day before Christmas break. 

Got busy today w/ the miscellaneous gifts for bus drivers and various classes that are doing parties.  Frankly, I think it's stupid to exchange a $1 gift that will break that afternoon.  Just seems like a waste to go to the store & pay more in gas than the gift.  LOL.  But again, just my opinion.  I would love to be a fly on the wall when Nik's class exchanges gifts.  They are wrapping up items for the classroom, trading it, and then giving it back to the classroom.  Umm, yeh, first graders are really going to go for that idea.  I know Nik will most likely get distraught to open a gift, get excited, & have to give it back to the classroom.  I'd rather him simply give a gift than to go through that whole spiel.  Same end result but less stress for the kids I would think.  They are then writing thank you notes for the gifts.  I'm kind of confused on that part as how are we thanking someone for a gift that is going back to the classroom.  Again, just an opinion as I'm not the teacher.  I know there is a reason behind it.  Plus, who knows, maybe I read the paper wrong or interpreted it wrong.  I'll check & then ask his interpreter to please explain he's NOT getting a gift for himself.  I've already tried to tell him but he doesn't want to hear it.  He gets the part that he's giving a gift.  Just not hte part that the gift he gets, goes back to the classroom. 

Years ago when I was in school, we never traded gifts.  We had a wonderful class party the last day of school before Christmas break.  And yes, we were allowed to call it Christmas break.  I remember getting a gift for the teacher.  Yep, ONE teacher.  Not 4 or 5.  Right now I still have that guilt feeling.  I don't have funds to buy for 21 teachers that my kids have.  Even at $5 a piece it would be excessive.  When they had one each, it was okay, but now, this new teaching method has got it to where I really can't afford to get the teachers a gift.  Frustrating for sure as I want them to know I appreciate what they do.  Yes, I can write a card, but just feel it is so insignificant compared to what I know some of these teachers receive.  Anyhow, doing all the wrapping for that stuff. Well, the stuff for their classes. 

Trying to play catch up w/ many, many items.  Writing the State Department this evening.  I'm sure that will be a joy.  Finishing up the Christmas lists.  You all know we received a washer from my parents.  It has been much, much appreciated.  Well, we also received a cash gift from them as well.  That money today has been allocated toward the door repair.  Almost have enough for it.  Remember, this is being held together w/ silly putty (plumber's putty) right now.  Rotted pretty badly:

Currently, that hole is plugged w/ the putty.  Now, the other side looks the same & the beam underneath is rotted as well.  Also, the whole door leaks when it rains.  Has to be repaired.  no choice.  And, in the midst of an adoption, this is never easy.  Adding, Irina as an "adult" member of this household so far has cost us well over $200.  Though that's not much in the grand scheme of the adoption world, it sure as heck adds up.  Sidetracked.  Great news is we are going to get the door fixed & that will hopefully stopped the leak for one & prevent further damage to the structure itself.  If this part rots, the backside will collapse.  We were extremely fortunate enough to receive that gift & be able to fix our door.  Should get done in the next few weeks.

As you remember, we received an anonymous donation from the church over Thanksgiving time.  We thought long & hard and decided what to do w/ it.  30% has been donated to others in much greater need than us.  What is left is being used to get Irina that bed she desperately needs and some Christmas gifts for our children.  That donation has allowed us to feel some relief for sure.  Lifts a big burden for us.  Does help the kids have a Christmas for sure.  We are definitely going to pay it forward in the future.  

Got to get the kids ready for school tomorrow.  I'll have another post up later on to finish last weekend's happenings.  Like I said, just been overly busy here.  I also have been given the opportunity to possibly do a blog giveaway.  It's Christmas time so of course everything is going on at once.  But, the only way to handle that is do one thing at a time and not stress over what you don't get done.  Tomorrow is still there.  More to come!

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