Monday, December 6, 2010

Manic Monday

Can you guess we've been busy???  We had a wonderful weekend with family and that will be a separate post.  Right now, just saying I'm trying to get some Christmas cheer colors up on the blog but I really don't like how any of it is turning out.  May just put up with it for a few weeks though & change it in January for the start of a New Year. 

Well, today we went to the vet.  2 puppies who are not leash trained yet and a just turned 3yo.  Not too bad if I do say so myself.  We walked in and one of the techs says "oh look, a little St. Bernard."  Umm, that's not what we want to hear!  LOL.  Okay, to clarify a few things as the vet did for me.  Both dogs are indeed from the same litter.  Kota has an extra set of dew claws which will be removed during the spaying at a later date.  Alaska has roundworms unfortunately.  Vet said they were most likely passed through the placenta.  Good news is she was dewormed.  Vet went ahead and de-wormed both of them.  She said both dogs looked really healthy & time to bump up the amount of dog food they are getting.  Yikes.  She thought the squirrel incident was pretty funny.  Warren, however, did not last night.  Tell you about it in a minute.  Pups have to go back in 3 weeks.  Vet said Kota looks all golden retriever.  She said she doesn't want to speculate on Alaska yet as puppies of different breeds may look the same when they're this young.  However, she said that she is very interested in how Alaska will turn out.  Her fur is completely different from his.  She said the females will tend to be smaller so I can't compare in that respect...bummer.  Alaska weighs 11 lbs and Kota weighs 13 lbs.  Not much difference for sure.  Even though he seems more solid.  Vet said Kota will indeed be a big dog.  No doubt on that one.  Shoot, she didn't even hesitate when she said that.  All in all, a good vet visit for both.  Can't say they enjoy the car yet though. 

Came home and am a little concerned.  There seems to be a red pickup truck casing the house.  Neighbor noticed it too.  We'll talk w/ one of our cop friends this evening and see what they think.  He does this quite often.  Goes up and down the street and goes extra slow in front of our home.  Today I was just creeped out.  I turned to go down my street and the guy was turning to go out.  I get in the driveway & get the "littles" out and there he is.  So he did a turn around.  I don't get it.  Probably nothing but is just something really, really odd about it all. 

Bojan had chorus today and has his final performance tomorrow.  Irina has a big presentation for tomorrow as well.  Same time of course.  Warren will most likely go to hers.  I'll go to Bojan's.  Hers is further away & remember, I am not supposed to be allowed to drive at all at night.  Severe, severe night blindness.  His school isn't that far & well lit there.  Max will be like my "seeing night dog" in case something runs in front of me.  Hate it but have no choice. 

So much happening here it's not even funny.  Good news is I have finished Christmas shopping for all but Alex.  House is decorated inside but not too much.  2 new puppies are not conducive to Christmas decorations.  So no garland or the like.  They've already chewed some ornaments and the tree.  So next year it should be really festive in here.  We're almost afraid to put lights outside too b/c they love to chew them up.  Feels weird not being all decked out for Christmas but one year won't hurt anything. 

Church did not happen yesterday.  We had relatives here this past weekend and tell you all about it in the next post b/c it will have pictures.  We did get the kids to church play rehearsal at 4:00pm and even manage to take Joy Toys for Jesus in as well.  Bag full of new toys.  Otherwise, I'm sure I'd forget.  Picked them up at 5:30 when they were supposed to.  Dropped the older kids off for Youth group thinking it was from 6:00 to 7:00. Umm, nope.  It was from 5:30 to 6:30.  Felt horrible at first b/c we were in my mind 15 minutes late..7:15.  No, 45 minutes late!!!  Miracle they put up with us there.  Seriously.  What parents do that?!  Anyhow, we were at Mickey D's but it was the people we were with that was the neat part.  Amazing the people that are put in your path.  Warren ended up talking to a couple about a cochlear implant & what may be going on w/ their grandson.  Then I was speaking w/ a lady that used to be a special education teacher AND works in a mental health facility now.  She was wonderful to speak w/ and gave me great advocates to speak to about any of our cases.   She agrees about the uphill battle with the county here and that it's one of the worst for special education.  We knew that though so not a surprise to hear it...again.  Still felt extremely guilty and owe an apology to the youth group leader. 

Much going on tomorrow too.  Wednesday a DSS social worker will be coming out as part of Irina's re-adoption process.  That should be completed soon.  We also have play rehearsal Wednesday evening after she leaves.  Thursday is speech therapy.  Friday is finally a "free" day.  Other than normal stuff.  Saturday is 8:30 am Christmas Play rehearsal and then a Christmas Parade at 3pm.  Sunday is busy w/ the Cantata, and the play.  So, a very, busy week indeed.  I have to find time in there to pick up Max's glasses and get bloodwork for Max and Alex.  Refill meds, etc.  I've got a list but boy, it seems to be growing with each day.  LOL.  Hoping to get caught up by Christmas...maybe.  So, so much to say but that is in another post.  More to come.  But alas, I have paperwork to do.  Immigration and off it goes! 

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