Monday, December 20, 2010

Manic Monday & It's in the air...

the feeling of Christmas.  In fact, it's everywhere at this house.  Last day of school for the kids is tomorrow.  They have already counted the days down till Christmas and not surprised they haven't worked out the hours yet.  Christmas lists still remained the same.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Kids have decorated the tree.  They keep putting all those tacky ornaments on it that they make at school.  I know they think it's cool but they are really tacky construction paper things.  Oh well.  ONly young once.  Here's a shot of the tree:

I especially love the sippy cup sitting on the coffee table.  Adds that sentimental holiday touch I'm sure.  That big red thing hanging towards the bottom middle of the tree is one of Nik's tacky construction paper ornaments.  Really, I don't get that sentimental over something the entire class made exactly the same.  I know, I know I shouldn't feel that way but I do.  I keep the stuff that my kids actually make me on their own.  Now that has some meaning.  Have all those items in a draw that is way too small now.  One day (yeh, right) I'm going to get organized & put them all in a scrapbook & label them.  Yes, one day.  Not today of course.  

I've been under the weather for 2 days now.  Sinuses hurt, stuffy nose, etc.  Cold I'm sure.  No biggie.  Best thing for it is rest but in this house that is near impossible to do.  Today I had to watch the "littles."  I was able to talk them into becoming "Santa's Helpers."  Had them help me wrap almost all my Santa presents while they wore a Santa hat.  It was great!  I actually got something done & they had fun.  

Warren & I are going to Wally World tonight to get  a few items & some stocking stuffers.  Also, I'm going ahead and paying any bills sitting in the basket before I forget about them.  I'm on an organizing mission here.  

We have to send off another fee to immigration for Irina's biometrics.  Never mind that I specifically asked earlier if I had to send ANY money w/ this form.  A firm no was the answer I was given.  Got to love this.  Frustrated for sure.  Nothing I can do.  I'm not in control and that's okay.  Just follow their rules, get through it asap and then go meet the kids.  I know they'll be worth all the paperwork headache & extra fees.  So, we go with the flow.  Just hard when you know this is the very last piece of paper needed.  Oh well.  Wait it is.  Did I mention I suck at being a patient person?  Yes, I do.  

Warren is taking Bojan for his socket fitting tomorrow morning.  I need to take Max & Alex for bloodwork at some point in time.  They get thoroughly tested every so often due to the meds they take.  Irina has a neurology appointment this week as well.  Nik goes to the CCCDP for adjustments of his implants.  Now, Warren & I think there is a serious issue with the new one.  It happened as soon as he was activated back in November & has since continued.  He tells us it hurts, especially when he first puts it on.  We have tried putting it on a lower program, switching the processor to the backup one, etc.  Nothing has worked.  Today he refused to wear it which was a first ever for him.  His old implant he has no issues whatsoever with.  Part of us is thinking maybe his was one of the ones effected by the AB recall of the device.  Hope not.  Called & they told us to try the things we've already tried but I agreed anyhow.  Partly, b/c I know we'll be there next week anyhow so not too big a deal.  However, I just have this gut feeling something is really wrong internally, NOT externally.  But, I'm not the expert & hopefully just some simple troubleshooting problem.  I don't know but can't wait to find out.  I will not continue to put it on him if it hurts.  He wants it fixed though.  So, that part is great.  We want it fixed too.  Meantime, his old one works & of course we always sign with him.  I'll let you all know what the deal is with it.  Hope it is a simple problem but we've troubleshot everything we could.  

Max had an IEP meeting today & we didn't miss it!  Warren went to this one.  We are satisfied w/ the outcome.  Max will be taking art next semester for sure.  That should help w/ his lack of motivation.  Another thing that was interesting was that they said Max is one of the brightest there but does NOT hand in the assignments.  Here's where the FAS comes into play.  He's in a class that is kind of like study hall.  The teacher literally watches him fully complete the other assignments but then he forgets totally to turn them in.  So, they are all zeros then.  URGHH!!!!  They discussed solutions for that today since he is doing the work.  Has to get from point a to point b & for an FASer, this is hard to do.  Anyhow, they worked up some solutions so see how that goes.  They said he had great grammar.  That is the one thing I really worked on w/ them during homeschooling.  Their grammar sucked from school.  Really did.  Hate it when I hear teachers speaking incorrectly.  URGHH!!!  He improved when I had him & apparently, it payed off.  

Puppies are doing fine.  I'll have puppy pictures up maybe tomorrow.  Like I said, I've felt really off the last two days.  Need some good sleep.  Maybe Nyquill is in my future.  I think this is enough for Manic Monday.  Need to make dinner & then go to Wally World.  We may stay up & watch the Lunar Eclipse tonight.  May have the kids go to bed & then wake them up.  We'll see.  Got to run.  enjoy your week. 

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