Friday, December 31, 2010

How to entertain 15 kids

Well, one day last week I had my kids, the "littles" and some friends of my kids.  This was my wicked sinus infection headache day as well.  Same day as I had to clean out mud covered implants.  So, was trying hard to find something for all to do at once.  Went to the pantry and found my stash.  Of sparklers that is.

Max helping to light sparklers for everyone.

Bojan assisting Max.  He was not happy when I told him he was too young to play w/ fire.  Trust me, he's not responsible quite yet for a lighter.  

Alex at a stand still.  It really is hard to catch him not in motion.  he was running all over the yard w/ everyone.  

Umm, I think Max is getting a little carried away with lighting the sparklers.  

Isn't she beautiful?  I just wish she'd get rid of that fake goofy smile.  She can smile.  Just she is in that fake smile stage every kid seems to go through.  

Nik, looking at the action.  Taking a break to ride the scooter.  No idea who's gloves those are.  None of our kids.  We actually have a collection of other kids' clothing that stays by the front door.  When they come over, we give back the laundry.  LOL  For now though, keeping him warm.  

More pics to come to catch up on all the Christmas' we had.  For now, need to go help the kids.  Warren & Max are still hooking up cables. 

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