Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happenings at Chaos Manor

I'm not even sure where to begin.  It just has been busy.  I will tell about the past weekend in another post.  For now, just the basics.  Trust me, that's enough.

Adoption Front-- Homestudy update is in the mail to me today.  Should have it by Friday & then I'll over night it to USCIS.  Pray they don't make Irina also go through biometrics as well as that would add more time to the whole thing.  Once this I-800A is done, we can get the dossier submitted and get the "official" referrals.

Medical front-- Alyona and Yana were supposed to go to the dentist yesterday.  Well, the "Littles'" sister was sick here that day and Yana & Alyona were coughing.  Rescheduled that one for later this month.  Trust me , girls did not mind one bit.  Yana has had a cold for awhile but otherwise, doing fine.  Everyone is relatively healthy.  Nik went to audiology this morning and there was a huge gap at 2000Hz.  Don't ask me to get technical.  That's Warren's department.  They adjusted both implants and he's fine.  Then, Alex & Max had their neurology appointment.  They go due to their FAS and ADHD.  Meds remained the same and they don't have to go back until June now.  Every 6 months now which is awesome as we've been going every 3 to 4 months.  Bojan is walking.  Still very unsteady but that is due to his very, very, very small prosthetic.  They casted him for a new liner and hoping it comes in soon.  After that, he'll get casted for the new socket.  All a process.  Warren went to the same chiropractor I go to.  Interesting stuff that Warren never knew.  He should be able to help Warren quite a bit which is wonderful news.  Warren can barely turn his head & hurts for him to walk.

Home front-- Should say home repair.  Warren fixed the two leaky sinks.  He also fixed the pipe in our bathroom in the wall.  Now, we just have to fix the wall in there.  The boys' room needs to be patched and painted to turn it into the girls' room.  It's crazy b/c it's just chaos and really thought it'd be done by now.  Should have known better.  Maybe in January we can have a painting party.  Anyone up for it??  LOL.  Need to replace the back door. I'll have to take a picture.  It literally has this silly putty type stuff crammed in there to keep in from continually leaking into the house.  Heat pump was just serviced this week.  Old Faithful is still running.  May not be the most energy efficient thing but for 20 years old, and still running, we are extremely grateful.  I won't go into all the details.  Let's just say this house needs a good overhaul.  In addition, since we would not be able to sell our home due to the local markets, we need to be able to add on somehow some way.  thinking of creative ways to do that.  Hey, the house keeps us warm (for the most part.. plastic sheeting over the fireplace & windows makes for lovely decor) and dry (again, for the most part.  As long as there is not a hard rain).  In other words, it needs a good week of repairs.  Unfortunately, still trying to find that week and the money to do it.  LOL.  Looking into refinancing.  Time will tell and open to a few suggestions. 

Re-adoption front-- Irina's re-adoption process is still moving forward.  We met with the DSS social worker today.  Her name is Kelly and she is really nice.  Like her and felt comfortable with her.  She found a mistake on some of the paperwork from the attorney so hopefully that can be fixed quickly.  Remember, we have to have this done before she turns 18yo.  For those in the adoption community, this is NOT just for re-adoption.  This is to play it safe for IRina to receive SSI once she is 18 & considered an adult.  All paperwork from the past will have to be in order including this.  I won't go into the long-winded explanation.  Just know, we would not be doing this if not necessary.  It was another $200 to the state this time.  The sw will come out to the house next Wednesday.  Apologized in advance for the look of the home as of late.  It truly looks like a combat zone.  We have been on the go so much that it really has been tough finding time to keep all in order.  For the most part it is.  Just not all. 

School front-- I really don't even want to discuss this right now.  I have to get my ducks in a row again to homeschool some in January.  Irina is stressed out to the max.  They are giving her 'A's despite her understanding NONE of the material.  Yep, that's inclusion.  At least here it is.  Hopefully, it is different where some of the rest of you live.  But!  I just don't get it.  Poor special ed teachers are being pushed aside when they should be in the forefront of the classroom teaching the kids they best way they know how.  Not walking around a regular ed classroom like an "extra."  More on that later too.  Max is failing.  Again, it's inclusion.  My FAS kids are not surviving this whole inclusion thing.  They really aren't.  Sad part is Max is such a smart kid and has so, so much potential.  However, if I keep him in this system, he is doomed to fail.  Yana is doing okay.  Waiting till the end of the semester though.  Bojan should be OUT of special ed and they have him in it.  Should have been out at the last meeting.  However, found out from another friend of mine who works with the schools sytems that they were told to NOT withdraw any students before December 1st.  Hmm, can we say money???  I'm not positive but can almost guarantee it has to do with headcount and money.  Why else would they knowingly keep him in a classroom he doesn't need to be in when I specifically said take him out!?  Don't get that & most likely will not keep my mouth shut about it tomorrow at the meeting.  IEP meeting tomorrow at 9am.  Also, discussing the unjustice regarding
Bojan's placement on the bus due to his walker.  Stupid, stupid people.  BTW folks, these are the same people giving kids are hard time about chapstick of all things.  I'm telling you those from out of state are truly fortunate not to live in this school district. We would give anything to move.  Have no desire whatsoever to homeschool.  Just feel it has become a necessity at this point to save their academic career.  I was told last year Nik would most likely be reading by this year and I could see that.  Now, I have severe doubts about that.  One of us reads with him every night.  Well, almost every night.  Weekends, not so much.  Anyhow, I don't see the progression I saw in him last year.  I know I will be told differently at the meetings. I always am.  However,I have to do what is in the best interest of my kids based on what I've seen in their work.  And poor Alex.  Geez.  The transitions for an FAS kid are very tough.  Proven NOT to work for them.  Yet, he's got nothing but transitions. He has five teachers at last count. However, even that is changing, you just don't know. 

I have to stop talking about the schools or I'll get upset.  I have seen firsthand what this school system has done to my two oldest.  I refuse, refuse to let it happen to the rest.  That means I will make a lot of enemies along the way.  So be it.  Word of advice to other parents of special needs kids:  you will have to fight and fight some more for your child's education.  Don't let them talk you out of it.  shoot, took us a year to get Nik an interpreter.  Took them over 9 months to test Irina.  They would not accept our private testing done.  The list goes on.  I won't even tell you all what happened to one special ed kid in this county.  Let's just say the "special tent" was NOT so special!!!  Takes years for kids to over come certain things.  Years.  I could spend all night and day just typing all the things that have happened in this county alone to the special ed kids here.  Really 20/20 could do a show.  This county doesn't even recognize dyslexia as a learning disability.  Trust me, I've had a friend fighting for years with an advocate that was hired.  Again, I'll stop here with it.  Can you tell I hate the schools here??  And just an FYI, it is NOT the teachers!!!  Not a bit.  They are caught in a crossfire.  Crazy, truly crazy.  Okay, better post next time. 

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