Friday, December 31, 2010

Flabulous to Fabulous & bits & pieces

It is Friday.  I must admit, I have been horrible about this post every Friday.  Mainly b/c I'm too ashamed to admit I have not been doing what I'm supposed to be doing as far as exercise & eating right goes for the past month.  I could use the excuse of the holidays but shouldn't.  Shouldn't matter what time it is.  So, this post is to get myself back in gear & on track. 

It is the start of a New Year and I want a new start to my new life.  So, I started yesterday.  How?  I needed to lighten my load and de- clutter my life.  I have started in the master & am working my way around the downstairs.  I'm on the dining room & moving to the kitchen next.  It is so refreshing to find stuff you were missing or find some old sentimental notes.  I found a letter written by my friend Beth in high school.  Found  a letter about a fishing trip Bojan took w/ his grandfather.  I gave it to him when we celebrated Christmas on Wednesday this week.  More on that later.  Told you, I'm behind on everything right now.  Anyhow, it has been great getting rid of stuff, selling stuff & finding stuff.  It feels invigorating in a way too.  Can't explain it, but it does.  Really, it does. 

I am also making a health plan up for myself this New Year.  What goals I have, exercise & eating changes, etc.  I want to really dig deep & do this.  I have more motivation now than I ever did before.  I seriously want to be 20 lbs. lighter when I meet my new kids.  I used to be the peak of fitness & health in college.  Now, before you say, really?  Let me explain.  My major was Health & Fitness Specialist w/ a concentration in Cardiopulmonary rehab.  Mouthful, I know.  I helped to train athletes.  The football players would get mad when I made them take aerobics.  LOL.  As a part of this program, we had to have our fat measured weekly.  I rode countless miles on my bike everyday to & from work.  I walked everywhere I couldn't ride.  I swam for fun everyday.  I had to eat a minimum of 5 full meals a day to keep up w/ my caloric output.  I LOVED the life I was living at the time.  I want to get back to that life.  Riding and enjoying the scenery.  I used to make excuses that I'm working, or have to get the kids ready for school.  Yeh, so what?  What if I have kids?  So do millions of other mothers who work out.  I just have to find the time and get creative.

I have come up w/ a plan.  I'm getting up 30 minutes earlier and going for a walk everyday.  Except in the rain.  I really do hate walking in the rain or biking in the rain.  Sorry, just me.  I plan on takign the littles for a mid-day walk everyday.  I also plan to work in the outdoor challenge w/ them on the Wii on rainy days.  Believe it or not, it's a workout.  Weight lifting everyday & stretching will also play a part.  In addition, Warren has agreed from 7:30 to 8:00 every night, I will do cardio.  I will work on the food.  My weakness is chocolate.  Always has been even when I was at my peak of fitness. 

This is New Year's Eve where many empty resolutions are made.  This is NOT a resolution but a lifestyle change I'm making.  I'm ready.  I NEED this.  My life needs to change.  It will only better my quality time w/ my kids.  Yes, I play w/ them now but know I could do more.  I want to take them on more hikes.  I want to be able to bike w/ some of them.   Just want to have some more fun and really live life to it's fullest.  I know now is the time.  I was doing really well for awhile.  Well, a light bulb finally went off inside of me.  And if I can fit all this into my life, I'll be dog gone if the rest of America can't do it.  Shoot, my life is chaotic.  I need the stability of a workout.  I used to do it and feel so much more at ease when there was a stressor that arose.  Say, a RAD rage or an FAS meltdown.    With 10 special needs kids with a variety of needs, they need a stable mom.  Yes, I'm mentally stable but I want to be at my best so I can give them my best.  I want to look forward to jumping out of bed & going outside for a walk every morning.  It really does help put a whole new perspective on a day.  Especially me, since I'm surrounded by kids all day long and at home all day long.  Well, okay, so I'm out & about too.  But, with 4 toddlers during the day & 7 for the afternoon & onward, it can suck the life out of you some days.  I need to take my life back.  So, I'm reorganizing my life.  Not just exercise & diet but everything.  Making sure checks are made out, emails are returned(okay, so that make take time), old stuff is thrown out, my kids don't look like riff raff when going to school, & many other things.  I know this will all take some time.  But, I also know me.  I know if I do this for two weeks w/ no breaks, it becomes a habit.  Actually, that has been scientifically proven btw. 

So, be ready for reports every Friday from here on out.  I gained weight over the last month & actually lost a few of those pounds this week.  This is my time to refresh, renew & recharge!  I'm ready.  Really, really ready.  I want to run w/ my puppies again.  I used to run w/ Aspen.  I want to run a 5K this spring.  I know that is not much for some folks on here who run all the time.  However, for me it would be just a huge accomplishment.  Who knows what I can do.  All I know is it has to start w/ the first step & I have to be accountable for me.  Next week, I can't wait to tell you what I've done & how much I lost!  This is going to be the at home version of the Biggest Loser.  I'm dying for one of those Wii Fit boards but that will have to wait.  Kids must get home first.  However, I have a whole neighborhood to walk & explore and trails to hike locally.  Can't wait.  So, if you see me crawling to my house, can you please just pick me up & tell me I can do it.  I know I'll have days of doubt.  It will take a lot to get back to my college days of living.  Alright, so not all my ways of living.  -- just the healthy part of it. 

Happy New Year to all!  Warren is downstairs installing a blu-ray player and getting rid of lots of old equipment.  Most of our equipment is at least 10 years old.  We try to keep everything till it dies.  Well, a few months ago some things have died.  And, since we don't have cable or netflix or the like, we do watch movies here.  So, the deals are crazy now w/ electronics and we recently received some Christmas cash from one of our relatives.  Typically, we've put all money towards the adoption for the last year.  So, decided this time the family can use this.  Kids are excited.  Oh, in case any of you are wondering why or how we got so many movies & it must have been expensive...think again.  I used to work at Blockbuster.  Enough said.  LOL.  Anyhow, we found a blu-ray/ home theater system at Sam's.  Nik used to love when we had the previous sound system and we haven't had it for months.  Should be very interesting for him when we turn it on.  He'll really be able to localize the sound.  He's getting very good at that w/ his second implant.  This blu-ray also plays regular dvd's.  So, trying to find someone who wants to tinker w/ a broken dvd player and broken home theater system.  VCR actually still works & we'll try to sell that one. 

Kids went today & spent some of the Christmas money they'd received.  I also was able to pick up some teacher gifts for next year & a box of cards.  Irina is having her friend over for her birthday.  She'll be here tomorrow.  I'm taking some of the kids shopping tomorrow.  Shoot me now.  Hoping not to take all of them.  Bojan & Max will be doing wall repair in their room.  Also, prepping it for painting.  Well, we're all quiet here for New Year's.  We may do a few sparklers but nothing huge.  After a big Christmas and all the shopping & going places lately, we try to make New Years' very low key for our kids.  Kick back & watch a movie.  Stay safe & pictures again in a later post. 


  1. Hey girl,

    I am so excited you are motivated to make changes!!! Your health and fitness is worth it and I know this sounds generic but I started running in fall 2009 and could only do 0.25 miles. This month I completed a marathon. So believe me that a 5k is a big deal, I never thought I would run a 5k let alone 26.2 miles. You can do, I believe in you :) Sounds like you have all the tools but I here to encourage you!!!

  2. You inspire me with all you manage every day. Prayers for endurance as you work on all these big changes you are making in your life. Keep posting how you find ways to squeeze stuff in..I need the encouragement!! Blessings, Jennifer

  3. You got this! I feel your pain. I lost 100 lbs over the last 2 years. Trying to get the last 20 off so I'll be thinking of you while I'm on "the road" too. I ran my first 5K last year and worked up to a sprint triathalon in June. Email if you need encouragement. Take care. Michele