Monday, December 20, 2010

First Noel & a vomitting sheep

Well, forgot to post about last Sunday's church Nativity play.  It was that evening.  Bojan was a wiseman, Alex an innkeeper, Alyona a townspeople and Nik a sheep.  Give you a few pics. 

Bojan is the one in the middle.  He did really well w/ reading the parts & such.  

This was before the play started.  Later in the play, when they were supposed to sing, Nik signs to me he's sick & that he's going to throw up!  So, he comes running to me & I take him to the bathroom.  He never did throw up but did have a fever, you could tell.  I knew the play wasn't long so let the others finish up while I waited w/ Nik in the hall.  He fell asleep on me.  Others continued in the play.  

They even did a song completely in sign but Nik wasn't even awake to participate in it let alone see it.  Very thoughtful of the church to do this.  Told you we go to a very awesome church!  The ministry for the kids there is wonderful.  From young to old, they all have something at the church.  

Well, someone had to wear Nik's hat while he was sleeping.  I know I'm going to regret posting this but what the heck.  

Can you tell he's sick?  Now, what has me concerned about this incident was it seemed to be connected to his implant.  He was really complaining it hurt him ,etc.  We obviously took it off of him.  Just the new implant.  Old one is fine.  I still have this gut feeling something is up w/ the internal device, not the external processor.  We'll see.  but, you shouldn't get lightheaded, etc. from this thing & it appears to have happened that evening.  Again, searching for answers but this was just too odd.  It was not all due to him having a fever as that quickly went away.  

He did not feel well for a few hours after we took him home.  Didn't even want to sit up.  I think he was a bit dizzy.  

Nik, not too long after the last picture.  Easy to get a temp taken when you have a Kinex dragon to play with.  Great yardsale find at $3.  My kids love it.  He was fever free in this pic as you can see.  

The kids enjoyed being in the Nativity play and had a great time.  Wished Nik had felt better but he still had fun.  Just wanted to share before I forgot about it.  Puppy pics to come tomorrow. 

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  1. I know Advanced Bionics had a recall recently - could his have been a part of that? I hope not.

    Hope he feels better.