Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Faces of winter

Been a busy day & still is.  Nik had his audiology appt. & did very well.  We feel the trouble w/ his ear must of been a combo of things.  We think he must have had fluid in his ears or an infection at some point to cause the pain.  The back up processor on him is working fine now & he says it doesn't hurt any more and is fixed.  Relief for sure!  They are sending back some stuff to AB to check so that is good.  After that, I went to pay a bill but forgot my check book.  Duh.  Went to Sam's to shop & it was closed until 10am.  Came on home & then we headed back out again.  Been errand running all day long.  Figured I needed a small break so came up here to post some of my kiddos.  Hope you enjoy.

She is precious isn't she??  I think this is a very cute one of Alyona even if it's not really a smile.  Wind was blowing so lucky we got the picture.  She used to live in Murmansk, Russia.  On permafrost.  Above the Arctic Circle.  It was COLD.  I think she can handle the snow here.  LOL.

The birthday girl herself.  Irina used to live in Abdulina, Russia.  (Orenburg region).  In her area, they always had doors on the second story.  We were told it was so they could get out in winter.  Gas lines & all pipes were above the ground.  So she too can tolerate the cold.  

This is Alex.  Yes, he too was part of the idiot club who stuck their faces in the snow.  My boys would do almost anything I think on a dare.

Ah, two faces in one shot.  This is me (sans make-up) and Kota.  Kota was beyond thrilled with the snow.  He is such a playful pup.  We love him to pieces.  It was really cold this day.  

Those are a few of the faces of winter here.  I have more to say and tell but for now, need to get some things picked up a bit.  Social worker is coming by in a bit to drop off papers for Irina.  We made the deadline.  Wahoo!!!  Warren and Max are out paying that bill that I earlier forgot my checkbook for.  And, Max may attempt to spend his Best Buy gift card today.  Not sure what he'll get or if he'll combine it w/ some of his work money.  We'll see.  Need to get things together for tomorrow.  We're going to Warren's parents' house for Christmas.  Kids are looking forward to it.  Some have asked to take their Snuggies in the car.  Maybe we should just be the spokes family for these silly things.  LOL.  I really have never seen kids take to something like Snuggies.  I'll let everyone know how it was tomorrow evening.  Thursday we only have Bojan's prosthetic appointment thank goodness.  We plan on doing lots of work on the house this weekend.  Have a great evening and more later.

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  1. I wish we had some snow her in Atlanta! We got an inch and the kids were excited!