Friday, December 10, 2010

A couple of things

Our addendum to the homestudy has been overnighted to USCIS.  They should have it today for sure.  Calling Monday to see how long  before approval.  Everything else is D-O-N-E for dossier submission.  Okay, Monday we'll go get the new homestudy apostilled & sent in.  This is the one that treats IRina as an adult member of the household.  Praying all this is wrapped up and submitted in two weeks time.  That would be awesome for sure as travel would be forthcoming.  Please, please Mr. Immigration officer, be nice to us  & approve it.  Keep you posted. 

Max.  Kept Max home today for a few reasons.  Main one is he really needed his lenses changed out.  Wrong script was really giving him problems.  So, did that.  Figured no sense in going to school at 11 o'clock.  He hasn't been absent at all this semester.  Another biggie is if he went to school, I fear there would have been trouble.  We discovered last night he missed his meds for two days straight.  Checked when I felt he was not himself.  Sure enough, he missed them.  Well, this changes the brain chemistry of our children.   They truly are not themselves if off the meds.  There was no way he'd be able to do what he needed in school today.  Just too risky to have him go.  He's been great here & feel he's stabilized now but that is why he's home.  Don't fear, I've put him to work.  He's realized that the 2 "littles" are a bit of work.  LOL.  He has decided now he wants no children when he grows up.  Now,off to bake cookies w/ them all. 

I will have a post all about last weekend this evening.  Still have to go find Nik gray sweatpants for the show this weekend at church.  He's a sheep.  And, make him ears.  We also have to do Alex's project on Russia.  Going to try & get puppy pictures taken as well at Petsmart.  The folks we got the pups from are going to be there again this weekend. 

It would be great for the rescue people to see just how much they've grown & what they look like now.  Pups are doing fantastic!  No more pooping in the house.  They still pee but much, much less than before.  I left them alone today in the house for about 2 hours.  Left them to the whole house;  did not lock them in the bathroom this time.  (master bathroom).  Pups did just fine.  Nothing chewed up, nothing ruined, and no accidents.  They have learned to sit.  They go outside & can be left alone.  They bark when they want out, bark when they want to come back in.  A few times we've had to go in the woods & get them but not too bad.  They are still learning boundries.  All in all, puppies are doing just fine.  Couldn't ask for better.  Do check out Paw Prints Animal Rescue.  Great pups & still 2 dogs left from their litter.  Would love to see them adopted before Christmas.  And for those wondering, two dogs IS plenty for us.  LOL.  You can see them here: .  Scroll down and the ones in their litter were Carter and Cline.  VERY good dogs indeed.  Alaska and Kota are wonderful and we truly made awesome choices in the dogs we brought home to our family.  However, knowing how great they are, I would love to find a home for the other two in their litter.  Carter really is tugging at my heartstrings for sure.  I held Cline when we picked out the other two.  He was just as sweet as Alaska.  Let you put him on his back and all.  If you're local, please consider a new puppy if you are looking or thinking about it. 

Church play rehearsal tomorrow morning bright & early.  Come home & pics w/ the pups.  After that, Christmas Parade.  Sunday, Cantata & Christmas Play.  Throw in at least one project that we're aware of.  Busy weekend but I think it's going to be a fun one for sure.  One more full week of school left before they have Christmas break.  Trying to figure out all the lists and what is left to do.  Getting there.  Not for Christmas but schooling and appointments and such.  Time to go try to walk the pups.  This is the area they need the most help on...leash training.  Looks like we're walking a bunch of dying seals flipping around on the road.  Pitiful.  I know it's a matter of time as Aspen and Bear used to do the same thing.  only puppies once so that helps.  Can not tell you how much we love these new little puppies.  Not so little any more.  They are growing like weeds. 

Oh kids' progress reports.  Alex is doing an awesome turn around!  Bojan is doing excellent.  Alyona is doing well.  Weak in math but doing well.  Teacher and I are working on her "bossiness."  Nik is doing fantastic.  Yana had received all B's and then failed history.  URGHH!!!  This is not the report card so she does have a chance to catch up.  She is doing all assignments & getting 100 on them but failing tests.  I'm beginning to wonder if they're following the IEP.  Remember, she has severe, severe CAPD.  She's supposed to have an FM system per docs.  Won't even go there w/ the IEP and what all happened & how she doesn't have one.  Anyhow, will be contacting the teacher to make sure everything is being followed.  It is not for lack of trying, that I know b/c I watch her when she gets home.  Irina is doing well though she doesn't think so.  Max is the one that needs the most help.  Max seems to be where Bojan was a few years ago as well.  I really came down hard on Bojan a few years back & in so many words told him to get his act together.  He did & the turn around was wonderful to watch.  Trying to do the same w/ Max.  We'll see how it turns out.  Teachers agree he is able to do the work.  Hoping by semester's end we'll see a change.  All in all, the progress reports were not bad.  I was impressed by quite a few of them & the path the kids are on.  I was very disappointed in one simply b/c I know he CAN do better.  One of them I think there is more to it and may be a matter of IEP not quite being followed.  Again, going to look into that one as well.  Enjoy the weekend folks.  Last weekend's update to come in next post.  Lots to say & many pics to share.  It will have to be in parts for sure. 

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