Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas came early!!! (part II)

Had a busy day but trying to play catch up on last weekend's happenings.  You saw part I w/ the opening of presents.  After presents were opened, my parents took Warren & I to Lowes to pick out a new washing machine!  Much, much appreciated.  No more mildewy clothes, no more towels shoved under the machine since it leaked so much, no more running it many cycles to try to get it to work.  Relief. They also gave us cash which is going toward fixing our door rot in the back.  After Lowes, we came home & kids were playing w/ presents. 

Easy bake over.  Always a wonder for kids.  Now, Irina was the genius that decided no directions were necessary to make the brownies.  She also decided one pan was enough, not two.  What do you think happened?

A soupy mess.  Notice the drip?  Even the inside of the oven was full of batter.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  They loved it though.   

Yana teaching my cousin's little girl how to shoot a nerf gun at her brother.  

After some playing, some of my other relatives came over too.  We all had lunch together here.  Pizza and some homemade Ukrainian dishes.  My uncle went to a Russian Orthodox church that was doing a fundraiser.  We had kilbasea, perogies, & I forgot the name of the other.  cabbage w/ meat.  It was all good.  

What would a family gathering be w/out a pup pooping on the rug.  URGHH!!!  Had to throw out the rug as it was a shag one & no way to get it clean.  Puppies are lucky they are cute as otherwise, they'd be dead.  LOL.  I think that's why all puppies are so dog gone they can avoid trouble.

Alyona trying on her new coat from Nana.  So happy she got one as I had no idea she didn't have one!  There is such a gap in size between her & the teens.  The boys always have hand me downs but not so much w/ Alyona.  She loves this coat & works perfectly.

Kota all tuckered out after all that Christmas paper unwrapping.  

After all that, we settled down for some conversation and goofing around.  What I had forgotten to tell you was that morning, just as my parents arrived, a lady arrived to pick up a Christmas Tree we were giving away.  Honestly, we are trying to clear out the garage for the future room of the girls.  She was recently laid off, single w/ a 6yo little girl.  Had no way of getting a tree this year so she was thrilled with it.  While she was here I ran up and loaded up 3 grocery bags of shoes from Alyona.  This lady was beyond appreciative.  Well, my dad went & gave her $100 as well and said Merry Christmas.  Warren said it was all she could do to hold it together.  Was happy that the little girl was now going to have a Christmas.  Not only that, happy that someone on Craigslist actually could use the item we gave away versus turning around and selling it.  

After lunch, we had a great surprise in the state of NC.  Any guesses??  Next post will definitely be that.  For now, I have a state department to write.  Immigration being called tomorrow.  Got to go.  Almost 10:00pm and I haven't finished nearly half the stuff I needed to.  Have a nice evening.

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