Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas came early!!! (part I)

Okay, for those following for awhile, this may be an unexpected post.  Some may remember a "falling out" of sorts awhile back between a family member and I.  I won't rehash it.  Suffice it to say, it had to do with our desire to adopt again.  Well, this is the season about forgiveness and really understanding your faith journeys and what you believe  Jesus stands for.  Maybe we all have been doing a little more thinking lately.  Though I have not quite made up with the one family member, the rest of the family came down and was very welcoming to us.  Felt as though it used to feel when we were all together.  Nice, pleasant.  I hope that next year it can be all of us.  Time will tell.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from last weekend and our early Christmas celebration.  I will have to do this post in 2 to 3 parts most likely.  So, here goes.  I'll tell it through pictures.

Okay, we even got the pups ready for the big day.  Both have Santa outfits.  I swore I'd never do that to my dog but hey, I can't dress a baby, I at least get to dress the pups.  LOL.  Got to admit, they are cute as a button in them.  Alaska doesn't mind, Kota hates it.

I have no idea what Alyona is whispering to Yana.  All the others are starting to get their piles of presents separated.  Was hard for them to wait.

Okay, I just had to post this b/c I think she is just so sweet & innocent looking here.  A rarity for sure.  LOL.  She loves her Mrs. Claus dress.  She wore it today to church too.  Found the dress & a shaw at a local consignment store.  Alyona is ready to start the tearing of the paper.

Do you think Nik is happy w/ his remote control truck??  Or is he happier here w/ this:

A new light saber!  I can assure you that both gifts have been well used.

Irina loves to listen to music.  A new Taylor Swift cd for her.  Frankly, I don't want to hear this again as she has played it over & over & over again.  She also got clothes & jewelry.  

Yep, clothes & jewelry is definitely what you get teenage girls.  

Does Bojan have a clue??  All the kids really enjoyed their gifts.  Lots of wrapping paper.  Nerf guns were a huge hit.  For young & old alike.  

I like this picture.  Call it a sick sense of humor but it truly is what one of my boys would do if they saw the opportunity.  Looks as if Alex is pointing the Nerf gun toward Alyona's behind.  How do I even think one of my boys would do this if given the chance?  Because Alex did it to me today! 

This was part one of Christmas early last weekend.  This was on Saturday morning.  Next part will be Saturday at lunch time.  Stay tuned as much more to come. 

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