Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What have the pups been up to??

Thought it was time for a little puppy love.  So, here goes.  Figured I'd show a little bit of what these little puppies have been up to lately.  If you think it's never dull here w/ 7 kids, then try adding 2 new puppies to the mix.  I think we're getting into practice for the new kiddos.  LOL.  Show you a little of what they are up to.  I'm too busy chasing them along w/ the "littles" helping me chase them, to take many pictures of their antics.  Hope you get to laugh at our expense. 

This is what I found the other day while walking in the kitchen.  Potted plant that has been here for years.  Practically shredded.  I went to get a broom, came back and found this:

Do you think he's the guilty party??  Not so sure.  I think they both had something to do with it.  Both are diggers.  

See, a digger.  Alaska has found a wonderful place to dig...in our garden.  Fortunately, there is nothing growing right now.  She was even successful at getting out the biodegradable pots.  Of course, hard to yell at a face like this.  You can click on the pictures and make them larger. 

Kota likes to take his bowl when he is finished into the living room to well, chew it.  Yes, the floor really is that dirty.  Believe it or not, vacuumed several times a day.  I'm guessing he knocked over that dust buster as well.

All shoes fall victim to these two.  Right now, they are enjoying the flavor of Alex.  Even the "littles" shoes are not exempt.  

I love this picture b/c they look so mean.  They're not, they just look it.  Yes, they also go after the wicker furniture too.  Nothing is safe from the duo destructors.  

I'm truly stunned our germaphobe let her do this.  Alaska now runs to the dishwasher when it gets opened.  Now, Bear didn't do this too much but Aspen did.  For Aspen, all we had to do was say they're clean and he'd walk away.  Have to teach Alaska that next.  LOL.  And yes, she is getting way too big already to fit on that door.  

Those are just a few, and I mean a few, of the things the pups have been up to.  We have been incredibly busy lately and I'll have to have a catch up post tomorrow.  Seriously, seriously busy.  More to come.  Much more.  Adoption update, Christmas update, medical updates, school updates, etc.  Just the last few days have been insane for me.  More to come tomorrow.  Hope you at least got a few laughs in with these pictures.

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