Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Haven't done thoughtful Thursday for awhile.  And though I usually do each of the kids, I am doing it a little differently this week. I think there have been some really thoughtful things happen the last few days that I wanted to mention.  So, need to get started.

A few days ago we had a wonderful neighbor drop off an entire box of sweet potatoes!  These are the ones picked by the farmers that get shipped to NY and NJ area.  Yum.  Fresh NC sweet potatoes.  This box is big and will feed us for quite awhile.  Thanks a bunch Jason!  Did I ever mention we live in the best neighborhood?  Everyone helps each other out when they can.  

That brings me to another thoughtful Thursday reminder.  I have a friend that has recently come on very, very hard times.  I won't go into details on here at all.  I decided it's Thanksgiving time and I have a full meal.  The least I can do is make sure her and her family are taken care of for the next few weeks.  So, I got a mini food drive going.  2 people are donating turkeys, many have dropped off the basic supplies, canned goods, etc.  I can not explain how grateful this family will be.  They do so much for their community.  The family has no idea we're doing this.  So, I decided to maybe surprise them on Thanksgiving Day or the day before.  Already have a box full and expect more.  If you are local, I'm taking donations up until Wednesday.  Some have given gift cards to grocery stores which is awesome.  This really will save a few lives close to home.  My goal is to be able to feed this family for about 3 weeks.  They are needing the basics desperately.  I greatly, greatly appreciate all that is being done to help this family in their time of need.  I just could not think about eating a Thanksgiving meal and having a friend of mine literally go hungry.  It just hurt to think about it.  So, you know what they say.  Get off the couch and DO something.  I did.  I plan on buying a lot of fresh fruit the day before as they have gone w/out that as fruit is so expensive.  Thanks again everyone who so graciously gave.

Last week we went to an adoption event at my husband's work.  Kids had a good time and made quite a few crafts.  Most made very sweet cards for us.  

Bojan made this card for us.  You can click on it to read it better.  This was even before we knew we'd have to put Bear down that week.  This looked exactly like Bear as a puppy.  Very thoughtful of Bojan and the other kids to think of Warren and I.  BTW, Max made a card for Warren and I and put a $1 in each.  He said "thank you for making all the changes."  I haven't asked him what that meant exactly but pretty sure he's referring to the new kids coming home.  Just was really thoughtful of all the kids to make us cards.  They didn't have to at all. 

Another thoughtful thing this week was from the vet.  I can't write it on here or I'll cry.  Just was very sweet of them to think of us.  They cared for both Bear and Aspen all these years.  Meant a lot to us.  

Those are some of the thoughtful Thursday items I could think of.  There were many more this week actually.  But, these are the ones that stuck out.  Thanks for letting me share.

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