Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This & that pictures

Just some random pictures from this week.  Enjoy or laugh.

Nik really wanted to be like his big brother.  So much so, he put his leg on.

If you have a real, whole leg, do NOT try to squeeze it into your brother's prosthetic.  It may will get stuck & your older brother will have to pry you out of it.  Nice, huh? 

One day, I swear I'll try to take a shot w/out stuff laying all over the floor.  Sigh.  Well, this is Alex.  Can  you tell he has temperature regulating issues at times?  He loves that hat for whatever reason.  Wears it to bed a lot of times.  BTW, it was about 75F that day.  I honest to goodness don't know how this child survived the Russian winters, let alone freezing to death (literally) in an apartment.  Just miraculous.  To help w/ temp regulating, we simply put blankets all over the living room.  Alex is sitting on about 3 of them.  

Alyona is developing her own style.  Unfortunately, it is part Punky Brewster.  She puts this one pony tail on the side of her head.  Looks ridiculous but I let it go...most of the time.  I try to let my kids have some independence.  Whether I like it or not.  LOL.  

I'll share more later.  For now, need to make a shopping list and get some sleep. 

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