Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in pictures

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures simply b/c we were too busy eating and catching up. 

I still don't know why my kids prefer to peel potatoes and sweet potatoes on the floor.  We have all that counter space & a dining room but this is where they end up.  Hey, it gets the job done so we don't complain.  

Early morning, Alyona still in pajamas, and both are shucking corn for the Thanksgiving Dinner.  Was worried about it being so late in the season for corn on the cob but it actually turned out well.  

Warren preparing the turkey.  He tried something new and it worked out well.  We didn't get a big turkey this year but still had leftovers.  Trust me, there was plenty to eat even with me forgetting to put the cranberry sauce out that Irina requested.  She of course reminds me after Thanksgiving.

After full bellies, time to sit and socialize for awhile.  Or sleep.  

Or, time to study some Black Friday wishes in the paper.  LOL.  Kids really enjoy making wish lists.  Still, they have the list that they originally gave me.  Still amazes me that they keep things simple.  I really do think mine have a sense of where they came from and just how much they have.  Very thankful for that kind of understanding.  Though I must say, they all seem to lose sight of that occasionally.  

Time to pose for a quick picture.  Warren's parents came and his sister and her family.  Not all are in the picture.  Just our family(minus me as I'm holding the camera) and Warren's parents.  They were on their way to TN and glad they could come by for Thanksgiving.   Kids surely enjoyed Nana Pat and Papa being here.  

Time to get started on some Christmas decorating.  Kota and Alaska decided on taking care of the Santa hats for us.  Nice, dog slobber to go on your head at the parade.  

Alaska was not the happiest with us when we put the hat on her head.  She is not going to be one of those dogs that likes to dress up.  Poor thing.  We recently did something we have never done before.  We bought each dog a Santa costume.  Yep, we did.  We have never, ever dressed up our dogs before.  Yet, I couldn't resist.  Definitely going to get a picture in the costumes.

Well, that was our Thanksgiving.  Pretty quiet for the most part.  We got some things done.  We also ordered a few Christmas presents for some of the kids.  Lots of good deals.  When buying for a crowd, you do have to watch the budget very closely.  We have done a lot of other things over the weekend.  tell you more about things in a catch up post.  Got to take the kids to church play rehearsal and then youth group for the teens.  Tomorrow is a normal week for them at school.  Lots of appointments and things to do.  I take Alyona and Yana to the dentist tomorrow morning.  Busy day.  Tuesday, Nik goes to Audiology and Max & Alex go to neurology.  Have an appointment w/ DSS this week as well per Irina's re-adoption stuff.  We also have family coming this Friday.  For those I have not written back yet, I sincerely appologize.  I'm working on it.  Got to go.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. 

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