Monday, November 1, 2010

Thanks & more detail on our situation

First off, I really wanted to say to all those on & off thanks for the encouragement.  Me of all people knows about delays in adoption processes.  However, when you know that approval "could" have happened & you "could" have traveled shortly, it just hits you in the gut no matter what level your experience is in adoption.  I don't even quite remember the details I gave earlier frankly.  Manic Monday is an understatement.  Really, it is.  This snaffu, the fact that I ordered Nik the wrong color implant, the fact that I forgot to give Alex his medicine this morning or the many other things that have happened today have all caused this to be a chaotic day even for Chaos Manor.  But, we will push on.  I would quote Winston Churchill but save it for later. Oh, why not.  "When you're going through he**, keep going."  So true as it's the only way to gain experience and learn from it.  That's what we're doing, pushing forward & getting stuff done. 

So, a little more detail.  BTW, this is part of what is going on.  I can not quite explain another situation on here yet but will in due time.  Today, I called immigration to check on our status.  Truly expecting them to say they haven't gotten it yet.  NOT to say there are issues that they need to attend to first.  It all has to do with our oldest daughter, Irina, who will turn 18 at the end of the year.  Though we would most likely be in country on trip one before that would happen, the agent does not want to take a chance that something could happen in country since she would be turning 18.  I totally understand this and would rather a problem be fixed stateside.  However, it is not a problem...yet.  And, that's a good thing.  Our homestudy agency said they've been doing this 25 years and this has NEVER happened before.  Yep, we bring learning experiences to everyone during our adoptions.  LOL.  BTW, they have been beyond awesome and get to that in a minute.  So, Irina will need a background check, child abuse registry check, another interview, etc.  I'm not sure about biometrics.  I'm praying NOT as that would delay it beyond belief.  This other stuff is being expedited by our agency.  In other words, they are already on top of it sending us forms, making arrangements for her in person interview, etc.  Can not say how grateful we are to Carolina Adoption Services.  Thank you is not enough.  We will get Irina's background check done this week.  I have to also send in a Supplemental I form to USCIS w/ a pink slip that I'll soon be getting in the mail.  So, we are moving and that's what counts.  We're getting it done despite this happening on the busiest week we've had scheduled yet.  Not going to whine any more about it all as it won't help.  Just do it and move on. 

Now, though this seems all rosy I fear we may be "flagged" somehow someway.  Do you all remember Irina's social security card mess w/ her "alien" status?  Now, you all know Irina is indeed a legal US citizen.  She even has a legal US passport now.  However, we were going to go this week to fix her social security card mess.  What is this mess?  It reads on her social security card like she is an alien.  Umm, no, she's not.  So, I am praying that this mess w/ her social security card does not hinder or interfere w/ the process w/ immigration.  We know there will be major major issues as Immigration said to fix her ss card all I need is her US passport.  Social Security office said they will not accept a  US passport, only a COC which we clearly don't have as she was adopted back in 1999.  Again, I have more details but this would take forever to go through.  Trust me, I've explained a dozen times to too many officials to count.  We're working on it.  My fear is it somehow messing up w/ our other immigration process.   Normal adoption?  Not here folks.  We must make unique loops in our roller coaster ride. 

I will keep you all posted on the progress.  This will add costs to our adoption.  Not only that, since there is no way of paying the majority of the expenses before the end of December as I highly doubt we'll be allowed to travel before then, then we are not able to take advantage of the tax credit this year.  That will hurt us financially....a lot.  So, trying to think of some upcoming fundraisers as Christmas is coming up and things will be tight.  I'm not trying to whine, trust me.  Just trying to tell it like it is as some on here are new to adoption.  Things happen.  You must plan.  We did.  However, we were not anticipating the windows all rotting, nor the door, nor the entire roof needing replacing nor the countless other things that seem to have come all at once.  When it rains it pours.  However, we moved during one of our adoption processes and we made it through.  We will persevere through this one as well.  Much more to say about other things today.  Things that mean miracles do happen once the kids are home.  BTW, the kids and I all witnessed an upside down rainbow today...a smile.  There was no rain in sight.  Don't know why it just appeared.  Just things to think about.  There is beauty and good things out there even when you have a bad day.  More to come.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm so sorry you hit this delay. Saying a prayer all this happens fast and SSN issues don't become a problem. Jennifer