Saturday, November 13, 2010

Random pictures

Time for just some random pictures around here w/ no meaning whatsoever.  so, here goes. 

Everyone just goofing around.  They are trying to hold Warren's feet so he can't move.  I don't think anyone is really winning here on this one.

Don't know where they got this idea, but they were teaching each other how to dance.  

Doing pretty well for never having a lesson, huh?  Sometimes they can be sweet.  

My ridiculous sons.  Max goes all around the house in the wheelchair and Bojan hangs from the bottom of it.  That prosthetic leaning up by the coffee table is WAY too small.  So, he gets his cast cut off this Tuesday and doesn't even have a leg to stand on.  No pun intended.  Literally NO leg to stand on.  Working on the problem.  Kids dying to walk again & it may unfortunately be weeks to get him up again.  We were in process of making him a new socket before he got surgery.  Now, have to start it all over again.  I look at this picture and realize just how empty this house is without our Bear.  

Those are just some random indoor pictures.  I'm sure there's more I'll find.  Today, we didn't go to Peacehaven.  On top of having to deal with Bear's passing yesterday, Warren and I were up all night sick as dogs.  Thinking it was the restaurant we ate at.  Who knows though.  Much better today.  So, we stuck around the house and have been cleaning and just watching movies too w/ the kids.  Some days, you just need a veg out kind of day.  That day is today.  We've taken care of a few little things but nothing major.  Next weekend we have decided to go to either the zoo or an educational forest.  We'll see how the weather is.  If it rains, going to the museums.  Fun family weekend next weekend.  Have to also start thinking of our Christmas wish lists for the kids.  We are definitely going to have to get creative.  Have a wonderful weekend.  

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