Thursday, November 25, 2010


Before Thanksgiving happens at Chaos Manor, we do a few things to prepare.

We clean the house.  Bojan & Alyona decided to tackle the master shower.  We really need a new bath but definitely not in the budget.  We have tried literally almost every single cleaner out there known on the market, but can't seem to get the grout clean.  However, w/ all the cleaners used on it, it has got to be the most sanitized shower around.  LOL.  The kids like doing our bathroom b/c they get to listen to the radio while they clean.  And sing along of course.

After some serious cleaning, they take a break and watch a movie.  Notice, there is finally nothing on my floor but the dog & kids!  Ahh, victory. 

After the movie, it's time for some outside play.  Nik is finding a new way to ride the scooter.  Max saw that the wheel was broken so took one of the bike wheels to fix it.  

More playing.  Even a neighborhood kid came over to help at Chaos Manor.

Time for watching puppies play like puppies do.  

And of course before Thanksgiving, you must watch puppies explore new places.  The pups in our backyard.  We didn't let them go in the woods yet.  They're not ready.  Not till they can listen and are stronger to climb up some of the drop off areas.  Oh, and be able to swim in the little creek.  For now, they are just happy exploring leaves and wondering what squirrels are.

Wandering around the yard spotting berries to use for the upcoming Christmas season.  Beautiful bright red.  Gets you in the Christmas mood.

After spending some time outside for the pre-Thanksgiving festivities, everyone comes in.  Including Kota.  He has decided the stairs are a comfy spot.  Take a look at the size of those paws.  Umm, may have a bit of growing left in him.  

Time for a shower.  Alyona has finally learned to wear a robe after a shower.  You'd be shocked at how long it took her to learn that.  The trick to teaching her?  Well, it got to the point I couldn't take her running around in her birthday suit anymore.  So, I told everyone if they saw her running around, they could spank her.  Well, it took only 2 days for her to realize everyone else in the house was tired of seeing her w/ no towel on too.  Don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.  BTW, no one ever really spanked her.  She can actually run fast when she wants to.  LOL.  

Nik & Max helping to load the groceries in the car for a very late delivery.  We decided to do a food drive for  a family friend.  HUGE help from the community and great response.  Full car load and it was headed out.  Max & Warren made the delivery.  They didn't even know we were coming which always makes things that much better.  What some of you don't know, is a few years ago we were having a little tough time financially.  Lots of medical bills for the kids & many things broken it seemed.  People had gotten together and helped us out that Christmas & it made the world of difference.  Enabled us to catch up on lots of medical expenses and repairs.  Well, we feel since it's okay now, we should at least pay it forward.  We absolutely love our community.   They really do help each other out.  

Well, that was a little pre-Thanksgiving activities around the house.  I'll fill you in on Thanksgiving shortly. 

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