Sunday, November 21, 2010


URGENT!!!  We must find this little boy a home soon or he will not survive for long in Russia.  They just do not have the medical things necessary to help him.  There is a website set up for him now: 

I can tell you a few more details that are not on the website.  For one, I know the agency working to help him.  Anything you want to ask me about them, please don't hesitate to ask.  I tell it like it is and I'm sure you have all figured that out on here by now.  They are having special needs fees for him so that will help.  Also, he is located in Moscow(says on the public website set up for him so figured I can mention that on here too) so costs would be a bit lower w/ no in-country travel.  In addition, you can get an apartment there & save on costs.  That's what we've done when we traveled there.  This little boy has a $5 grant with him.  In addition, in about the last day or so, over $3100 has also been raised for him.  As we all know, Russia is one of the most expensive place to adopt from.  They are doing all they can to make the costs low and also try to raise funds in order to find him a family quickly.  I hear he is very alert and smiles when people come into the room.   He needs love, life, medical help and basically a family can give him all that and more. 

go to the website, and take a look. Maybe you are his forever family.  Please pray for this little guy.  He needs it more than you realize.  For all the big families out there, sorry NO large families is what I've been told.  However, singles are fine!  Please help spread the word about precious Anton on Facebook, blogs, emails, etc.  I just know his family is out there and waiting for the word.  Thanks for all your help.  More to come but right now trying to sort out this coming week and get organized.  Yes, I know organization is a battle I always face.  Hey, at least I try, right?  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  My kids have been in puppy heaven all day.  Many have stopped by to visit these little ones.   And such a beautiful day for us all to play outside.  Warren is at work.  Much to do so need to go.

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  1. Stephanie, this little one just breaks my heart. I posted a prayer request on my Facebook page and on my blog. I hope it helps.