Monday, November 15, 2010

A picture, puppet, & a paw

We were able to get our family portrait done last weekend.  Not crowded & kids did great.  I took a picture of the picture.  This one is  a gift for a family member.  Most of us are smiling real smiles. 

Bad shot but you get the idea.  Some years we get dressed up for the Christmas picture, some years are very casual w/ Santa hats.  I think there is definitely room for three more on here.  

Nik came to Yana asking her to make a puppet.  

This is what she came up with.  A few kinex pieces and yarn and you have a puppet.  Clever of the two of them really.  That huge binder a couple of inches think on the counter, well that's my IEP folder for the kids.  I'm reviewing them to see some things that need changing.  Anyhow, I thought the puppet idea was really cute.  

The vet we used to go to gave us a paw print of Bear.  Still SO hard to not have him around.  Paw print was very sweet of them I thought.  Kids miss him too.  Alyona's spelling word this week was miss.  Her sentence says it all:  I miss Bear.  We all do.  

More happening at Chaos Manor. Social worker came & went today after interviewing Irina.  She'll have it done ASAP and then we'll get that sent off to USCIS.  It is the piece they need to give us approval.  Well that & the Supplemental I form for another adult living in the house.  Remember, USCIS has decided to count our daughter as an adult even though she's not yet classified as such.  She's 17yo.  But, we're following the instructions so we can get our approval and get moving onto Bulgaria where we belong.  So ready to go.  The wait as any adoptive parent will tell you is the hardest part of the adoption journey.  Keep you posted on the progress.  If we can get this to USCIS this week, I don't see why we couldn't have approval next week.  That's what we're shooting for anyhow.  

Need to get going.  Enjoy your week everyone.  We have an FAS support group meeting tomorrow evening.  The kids actually like going & hanging out w/ other kids.  More posts coming on FAS soon.  And next week, Alyona & Nik's adoption journey home.  See if I can remember it all.  LOL.  Bojan gets his cast off tomorrow.  Wahoo!!!  His prosthetic is beyond to small so need to get him a new socket asap.  We'll find out tomorrow when his next surgery will be.  He is so excited.  Oh, we're going to the zoo this coming weekend.  More to come on here soon.

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