Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Outdoor happenings

After so much seriousness lately, I need some peppy things on here I think.  So, I thought why not get some outdoor pictures out.  Things my kids have been up to during this most gorgeous weather we've had.  My kids love being outdoors and glad we are able to go outside most days.  In NC, it never really gets cold.  they consider the 40's and 50's here cold.  But remember, our sense of hot here is skewed as well.  When it's 100 degrees out and humidity at 100%, then it's hot.  Not before though.  90's are not hot here.  Anyhow, loved some of the pictures. 

Alex LOVES to ride a bike.  So much so, he doesn't care that he's riding his sister's bike this time.  They go down the hill, do wheelies and tricks and ride all behind the house and back around.  Notice the path worn in the yard.  No yard of the month here folks.  LOL.

Another favorite activity in our yard is soccer.  Alex loves soccer.  Loves it.  I told him if he does well in school, he can play in the spring.  He doesn't want to sign up for basketball this winter like he usually does.  I was surprised.  Just Nik and Bojan will be playing this year. 

thought this was funny.  Yana was trying to pose the boys for pictures and then she'd take the shots.  Cute idea though.  Notice he's not holding a soccer ball?  They don't care.  they'll just kick any ball laying around in the yard.  
Nik decided to put on Yana's roller blades.  Many sizes too big.  Here, he's just trying to get up.

Yana tried to capture him skating.  I think he learned just fine & it didn't matter how big the skates were.  Though it may now be on his Christmas list.

Alyona learning how to skate.  Sometimes, she has issues w/ gross motor skills so this can be difficult for her.  
I love this picture.  Nik was being so thoughtful teaching his "little" big sis how to skate.  He held hands w/ her throughout the yard.  Very cute.

And, resting after a nice skate in the yard.  If any of you are considering adopting a deaf child and terrified b/c none of your kids know sign or you don't know sign or are afraid they won't be able to play w/ each other...please, please think again.  Nik fits in perfectly w/ this family and does play and have an awesome time w/ each of his siblings.  Love can make the world go round.  

My day was hectic but it got done.  Doc signed our papers and we'll have them tomorrow morning.  Relief for sure.  Much has been accomplished in this short time.  I received my wonderful pink slip today from immigration.  Gives me the list of what I need.  Should have it all done next week.  Social worker meets us Monday.  Well, Irina b/c you know, she's considered an adult now in USCIS' eyes.  LOL.  But, we will comply and get it done.  Sooner it's all done, the sooner we get on that plane and meet our kiddos!!!  So, worth the headache for sure.  Tomorrow is hugely busy.  It's raining today and we just all kind of want to veg out.  Not happening though.  More pictures eventually.  Just trying to get the priority stuff done... redoing of all Irina's paperwork.  Enjoy your evening.

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