Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our newest additions....

I still can't believe I'm writing this post.  Well, before I even explain what all transpired today, here you go:

Yep, these are the two newest members of the Boyd Bunch.  Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  There are not one but two puppies!  I'm still in awe of it all.  We honestly didn't think we'd be able to get a dog for quite some time.  Our hearts were really missing Bear.  In addition, Bear was a therapy for some of our children.  This past week, Alex has had a particularly difficult time.  We knew we would eventually need to bring home another dog.  Just honestly did not think it would be today.  

Okay, so this morning my cousin called us asking if we might want to consider adopting her dog as they have a daughter that can not be around dogs.  Severely, severely allergic.  I didn't want to say yes just b/c we were so wishy washy whether or not we'd be able to do it.  Just weren't sure.  Her dog was a little older as well though still very much a puppy.  VERY cute and a very well-mannered dog.  Great with kids.  Yet, still didn't want to commit as they had to find her a home fast & I wasn't sure if we could do it.  

So, decided to go get the boys shoes.  We stopped by Petsmart first.  Well, they were having a dog/cat adoption event.  We got out of the van and a lady was holding a dog I had seen online but it had adopted by it's name.  (sounds like Alyona, doesn't it?).  She yelled to us this one needs a family.  Well of course we had to go say hello.  LOL.  Warren said he couldn't pet her or he'd take her home.  Needless to say, I held her all the way back into the store.  She was available as the other person decided not to adopt her but adopt a different one instead.  

This little pup I could not put down.  It was a female and we had wanted a male.  But, I was smittened.  Went into the store and there were cages full of dogs.  These were from an animal rescue group for adoption so fees were NOT store fees.  Wanted for Warren to hold some but he was still a bit unsure of it.  Not quite ready yet.  that's when I for sure thought that this was not going to happen or not the best place for us.  Then Warren saw him.  Wanted to hold this pup.  That was IT.   He did not put that dog down.  Though I held a few others and the boys did as well, we all were pulled to these two dogs.  Then without hesitation, Warren turns to me and says "so which two dogs are we bringing home?"  Never thought we would be bringing two puppies home.  Never.  But these two just had our hearts.  Signed papers and pushed them around in a cart for awhile.  Obviously, we never got the boys their shoes.  Came home w/ the puppies to introduce them to the rest of the family and the house.  

This dog has already started to follow Warren around.  LOL.  This one is such a playful pup full and I mean full, of energy.  thank goodness we have a yard for them to romp around in.  

This little girl is a sweetheart.  She's very mild mannered.  I even got to speak with the foster family of these two.  They both believe it or not come from the same litter.  Alex held her at the store & started bawling his eyes out.  The people took him aside and let him sit by himself with the dog.  They were crying as well.  I told you, Bear was therapy for our kids and well, they've missed that attachment and connection.  It was coming back.  They were happy tears no need to worry.  Nice that the Pawprints people did that for him though.  

He is just going to be trouble.  I just feel it.  He's a chewer.  Going to be interesting these next few weeks puppy training.  Like I said, wasn't sure it was a good idea at first.  didn't go out intending to buy a puppy, let alone two.  We went out to buy shoes!  Never intended to bring home Aspen or Bear either.  So I guess these two will be just as cherished as the last two.  

Just another view of our cutie pie.   The dog, not Yana... LOL.  Max, Alex & Nik were with us to help pick them out.  

How could you not bring him home???  He is totally zonked from today.  

How on earth could we not bring her home???  The epitome of sweetness.  Both dogs I do believe are quite the welcomed addition to this family.  We have yet to decide on a name for either though quite a few have been tossed around.  

Many will say the plate is already full.  I say better full than empty!  It will take a few weeks but we'll have them trained.  Plus, we have a few weeks now since immigration is throwing us that curve ball.  See, everything does happen for a reason. 

Watching Bear deteriorate for so many months was gut wrenching.  It was even harder with the event of having to put him down.  It feels already like there is more life in this house again.  I know most people say they're just dogs.  For us though, it is much more than that.  We look forward to a long life together playing, exploring new places, and just enjoying life.  Locals, feel free to come on over.  I assure you, they are too cuddly to resist.  Okay, got to go play with the pups.  I will write the second thing to the Murmansk Adoption journey but got sidetracked by two little pups.  See, this family really takes National Adoption Day seriously.  LOL.  Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Congratulations on your new additions! They're very cute puppies. I'm sure the kids are THRILLED!!!

  2. I know Bear's passing was so hard on all of you; so sorry. I was hoping you would get a new dog. That always seems to help us anyway. They are so cute!
    Vickie H.

  3. So glad to see this! They are adorable pups. What breed? Here are the perfect names: George and Gracie!